Snake Tomorrow Chinese Horoscope

Monday, December 5: According to the Chinese calendar, the Dragon day is associated with bright, interesting events. On Monday, you can embrace a pleasant excitement, a premonition of the coming changes. However, do not trust your feelings: the glitter of the Dragon is often deceptive. The Chinese horoscope for the Snake tomorrow does not exclude romantic dating. The impulsive, impetuous energy of Yang-Water will help you find personal happiness. If you are in search of a partner, do not hesitate to frankly indicate your intentions. Devote 13 lunar day to body correction. Excess Water leads to a violation of the water balance in the body. Pay attention to an effective way to lose weight and fight against cellulite — Bikram Yoga exercises. Do not take your mistakes lightly. If you consider yourself always and in everything right, listen to the advice of the Chinese horoscope: the only real mistake is not to correct your past mistakes.

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