Tiger Tomorrow Chinese Horoscope

Sunday, October 17: According to the Chinese calendar, the Dog day disposes to honest and kind deeds. Try to show yourself on Sunday with the best hand, be friendly in communicating with people. An atmosphere of universal happiness and well-being will help you find peace of mind. If you are captured by romantic feelings, do not hesitate to confess. Yang-Earth energy will give a special weight to your words. The Chinese horoscope for the Tiger tomorrow promises a harmonious relationship, filled with mutual love and respect. Go in for sports without fanaticism, fractures and injuries are likely. The Dragon hour adjusts to a frivolous mood, there may be a decrease in concentration. Make it a rule to start the morning with yoga. In hard times, show strength of character, always believe in the best. The Chinese horoscope assures: there is nothing further than yesterday, and there is nothing closer than tomorrow. Stop living memories of the past.

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