Tiger Tomorrow Chinese Horoscope

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Monday, July 26: Follow the advice of the ancient sages, do not show anger and aggression on the Pig day. If on Monday you can properly build relationships, the whole week will be calm. Be positive, do not interfere in disputes and conflicts — so you can maintain spiritual harmony. Try not to lose your presence of mind. The influence of Yin-Wood energy will help you to achieve a reciprocal feeling. The Chinese horoscope for the Tiger tomorrow advises to turn to the experience of past relationships. Do not repeat previous mistakes, be extremely polite and delicate. Take care of your health, keep fit. The Rabbit hour awakens activity, desire to act. Focus on improving your body, doing fitness or yoga. Do not get tired of learning new things if you want to be known as a thinking person. In moments of laziness and apathy, remember the instructions of the Chinese horoscope: the mind is as soft as cotton; stupidity is as hard as iron. Love the knowledge.

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