Weekly Chinese Horoscope

November 28 – December 4: In the fourth week of the Pig month, you must take care of yourself. Refuse from any urgent matters, do not consider the most advantageous offers if they are not interesting to you. Do not be modest, your selfish aspirations are fully justified. You have already worked hard for the benefit of others. The time has come to pay attention to your own needs and requirements.

Beware of hypothermia at the beginning of the week. In the month of the element of the Metal-Yin, the respiratory organs are vulnerable, even a common cold can lead to serious complications. The weekly Chinese horoscope is warned against a frivolous attitude to their health. Avoid drafts, do not sit under the air conditioner, reduce the time of walks if possible.

In the middle of the week you may be captured by dreams. However, be careful, on the day of the Earth element frivolity is undesirable. Being in high spirits, it is difficult to follow the course of time. In order not to get into a dead end, avoid all sorts of temptations that can drag you into some kind of adventure: whoever looks around twice will lose nothing.

A slight weakness may indicate overwork, by the end of the week your energy is running out. The weekly horoscope suggests resorting to gentle healing methods. Practicing yoga nidra, you can relieve muscle tension, restore emotional balance. You will feel rested, full of energy and enthusiasm.

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