Weekly Chinese Horoscope

August 15-21: The second week of the Monkey month suggests some decline in activity. Suddenly you may feel very tired, do not despair — this condition is temporary. Probably the previous week took you a lot of energy, I had to face disappointment. Give yourself the opportunity to recover, try to put your thoughts in order, things will wait.

The weekly Chinese horoscope recalls the importance of observing a diet. In the month of the element of the Yang-Earth, long-standing stomach problems may worsen. Show consciousness, at the beginning of the week draw up a detailed nutrition plan for each day. Given the needs of your body, you can maintain health without resorting to radical measures.

Material stability requires competent financial management. In the middle of the week it is unacceptable to show frivolity in monetary matters, to make impulsive purchases. On the Water Rabbit day, expenses should be well-thought-out. Refrain from loans, avoid financial risks, try not to go beyond the budget.

Slow down at the end of the week, you have earned a little peace of mind. The weekly horoscope suggests acting in your interests so that your plans do not suffer. Do your favorite thing or find a new hobby, you need an outlet. If you need communication, discover postcrossing — this is a great opportunity to make new friends.

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