Weekly Chinese Horoscope

January 24-30: The third week of the Ox month is suitable for bold and decisive action. If until recently it was not possible to realize your ambitions, try to move forward. Your assertiveness will not go unnoticed, the result is likely to please. Although you should not rush things too much, be careful and prudent: everything has its time.

Pay more attention to your appearance if you want to find personal happiness. The weekly Chinese horoscope advises the use of masks aimed at improving the skin. The negative effects of the element of the Metal-Yin month can aggravate allergic reactions. If at the beginning of the week you do not take preventive measures, the date will have to be postponed.

From a financial point of view, everything will turn out pretty well, the middle of the week promises successful purchases. The Metal Dragon day aims to strengthen financial position. You can get such advantageous offers that you do not have to think about saving. Keep track of promotions, do not miss the news about discounts and sales.

Having plunged into rest at the end of the week, allow yourself to be yourself. In order not to turn a positive into a daily routine, the weekly horoscope offers to find pleasure in simple things. No need to be afraid of the manifestations of your emotions, take care of what you are really interested in. Devote time to personal hobbies, this will reduce internal stress.

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