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September 13-19: In the first week of the Rooster month, you will feel more confident. Fears will recede, past insults will be forgotten, in a word, you will gain a second wind. There will be forces to fight, you will be persistent and persistent in achieving your goals. You will no longer care about the opinions of others. However, when you feel the taste of freedom, do not shy away from your former friends.

At the beginning of the week, household chores will require your attention and time. The weekly Chinese horoscope advises not to postpone general cleaning, gardening or repairs. These chores will be only a joy. Under the influence of the element of the month of the Yin-Fire, you can create ideal living conditions for yourself and your family. Everything will work out, and not to the detriment of other matters.

A financial recovery is likely, but not earlier than the middle of the week. On the Fire Rabbit day, any idea will entail unexpected, but necessarily beneficial consequences. Cash receipts, bonuses and bonuses are possible. With the skillful use and accumulation of money, your financial situation will remain stable for a long time to come.

Communicate more with relatives so as not to lose touch with them. It is better to spend the end of the week at home, the weekly horoscope suggests organizing intellectual leisure. Joint interest will help you get closer, you can have a wonderful time playing board games or watching your favorite movie. Make an effort to bring the family together.

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