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May 17-23: The second week of the Snake month is conducive to any undertakings. Focus the initiative in your hands, begin to embody the ideas that you have been working on lately. You will certainly succeed if you act flexibly, adapting to circumstances. The ability to maneuver in any situation will help you overcome all obstacles with honor. In terms of romantic relationships, the beginning of the week is a time of love and tenderness. The influence of the element of the month of the Yin-Water will help to overcome the barrier of misunderstanding and distrust in relationships. The weekly Chinese horoscope advises not to be limited to one date, please your loved one every day. By taking reasonable initiative, you can achieve reciprocal feelings.

In the middle of the week you may be captured by dreams. However, be careful, on the day of the Earth element frivolity is undesirable. Being in high spirits, it is difficult to follow the course of time. In order not to get into a dead end, avoid all sorts of temptations that can drag you into some kind of adventure: whoever looks around twice will lose nothing. Try to gain strength to complete the week with dignity. The weekly horoscope offers a luxurious vacation. Attend entertainment, socialize, or take a trip to the countryside. Take time for activities that will bring joy, a positive impact on your mood — imagination is welcome.

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