Dog Weekly Chinese Horoscope

November 28 – December 4: A wave-like trend is characteristic for the fourth week of the Pig month: bursts of activity give way to a decline. It will be quite difficult to control oneself; constant mood swings can deplete the nervous system. Have to be patient so as not to fall victim to other people’s intrigues. There are many who want to take advantage of your weakness.

By staying committed to your work, you can avoid emotional burnout. In the month of the element of the Yin-Metal, particularly acute in the search for its place in life. The weekly Chinese horoscope for the Dog advises not to change your interests and hobbies. Start the week with pleasant things, take a moment to turn on a hobby in a series of cases.

Losses in business Dogs are not threatened, although in the middle of the week troubles at work are not excluded. The day of the Earth element induces painstaking work, there is no time to engage in official intrigues. Neglect of duty, careless attitude to your duties is fraught with problems, so do not be distracted from work: if there was a firm will — and the mountain turned into a field.

Try to walk more, especially on weekends. The weekly horoscope for the Dog promises a pleasant pastime in the lap of nature. If you don’t want to skip a workout, just move it to fresh air. Moderate aerobic exercise will be more effective if you do not chase the result, but simply enjoy the process.

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