Dog Weekly Chinese Horoscope

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August 2-8: The fourth week of the Goat month will be saturated, you will find a lot of events. Most likely, the emotions will be positive, the impressions received will be enough for a long time. Do not miss a single trifle, draw inspiration from everything that surrounds you. You probably should not expect practical results, but this is not the main thing. You need creative nourishment.

Minor health problems will be resolved in the first days of the week if you are conscious. The positive effect of the element of the month of the Yin-Wood neutralizes anger and irritation. The weekly Chinese horoscope for the Dog offers relaxing practices. For best results, give up bad habits.

The professional authority of Dogs is at stake, a business conflict is likely in the middle of the week. The day of the Wood element requires high skill, amateurism is unacceptable. By taking an aggressive stance, you risk losing your previously scored points. Continue to do your job without taking part in a showdown of colleagues: language leads to trouble.

Start the weekend with a pause in business, feel like a free person. The weekly horoscope for the Dog predicts a pleasant change in your appearance. Sign up for a beauty salon, make a spectacular hairstyle, dye your hair — the result will be unusual and bring positive emotions. Stick to your style, be individual.

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