Dog Weekly Chinese Horoscope

June 5-11: In the fifth week of the Snake month, excellent opportunities will open up for strengthening the material situation. Show initiative and enterprise, do not miss the chance to significantly improve your financial affairs. Perhaps you should consider attracting an investor. Be as active as possible, do not ignore new proposals for cooperation.

The subject of unrest at the beginning of the week may unexpectedly become family troubles. The influence of the element of the Yang-Earth acts conciliatoryly, helps to strengthen moral principles. To create a favorable atmosphere, the weekly Chinese horoscope for the Dog offers to surprise the household. Take your family to an amusement park or have a party at home.

Try to react sensitively to changes in professional activities, in the middle of the week you will have the opportunity to improve your skills. The Fire Rooster day is favorable for classes related to enlightenment. Constantly educate yourself, insecurity in your professional ability can interfere with your career.

At the weekend you will be overwhelmed with euphoria: relations will reach a new level. The weekly horoscope for the Dog predicts an unforgettable romantic date. Do not be afraid to take risks: laugh, argue, surprise and bewildered — become a guiding light for your partner. You will be able to achieve a location, captivate your passion, if you want.

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