Dragon Weekly Chinese Horoscope

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May 10-16: The first week of the Snake month will give you food for thought. This is a time of reflection and controversy, carefully watch everything that happens around. Improper assessment of the situation can complicate your life. Forget about the fuss and unnecessary problems, focus on the main thing. Analyze, draw conclusions, probably you will have a new outlook on things. Treat family problems easier if you do not want to wallow in squabbles. The effects of the element of the month of the Yin-Water can deprive you of peace: conspiracies seem to be everywhere. The weekly Chinese horoscope for the Dragon advises organizing an interesting family leisure. Arrange a meeting with the involvement of all households, come up with your personal tradition.

Focus on matters that increase wealth, in the middle of the week you can count on cash receipts. On the Metal Rooster day, one should be guided by common sense, and not focus on momentary benefits. You will find success in the event of a search for an additional source of profit, conclusion of contracts. On weekends, there is every chance to make a fateful acquaintance. The weekly horoscope for the Dragon recommends being enthusiastic in resolving love issues. Try to shift your focus from career to personal life. Use any opportunity to leave your home: fun parties, noisy companies — communication without borders and complete freedom of action.

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