Dragon Weekly Chinese Horoscope

January 24-30: In the third week of the Ox month, change will be perceived especially easily. Probably, you should not count on quick success, but there are prerequisites for the growth of wealth. There will be reasons to be proud of yourself, confidence in your abilities will strengthen. You can indulge in sweet dreams of a wonderful future, a little imagination about future achievements.

Improve your skills so as not to lose your taste for life. In the month of the element of the Yin-Metal, the craving for beauty is especially acute, the desire to transform your life intensifies. The weekly Chinese horoscope for the Dragon encourages you not to forget about your hobbies. Start the week with pleasure, develop tirelessly in your hobby.

Having spent a lot of time on solving other people’s problems, Dragons will benefit, the middle of the week is suitable for establishing business contacts. The day of the Metal element is good for doing business and finding new partners. Collaboration brings together, you can create a foundation for successful professional development: common aspirations — common forces.

Devote the weekend to yourself, experience the joy of love. The weekly horoscope for the Dragon predicts new acquaintances and romantic encounters. If you are in a serious relationship, get things going your way. Frivolity, coquetry and senseless flirting are good only if you do not plan to get married.

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