Goat Weekly Chinese Horoscope

July 4-10: The energy of the fourth week of the Horse month is too unstable to start something serious. Do not rush to show character, stubbornly insisting on your opinion. Perhaps the time is coming for tremendous changes, shocks are waiting for you in the near future. Be restrained, leave all unnecessary in the past. Don’t bother trying to speed things up.

Engage your family in housework; the beginning of the week is good for putting things in order. The influence of the element of the month of the Yang-Fire will give you decisiveness and initiative. The weekly Chinese horoscope for the Goat recommends cleaning the house. Household chores will help to distract from gloomy thoughts, to get closer to households, albeit on such mundane grounds.

Luck in the professional field will please Goats, mid-week career progress is expected. The day of the Metal element implies an upward movement, gives an impetus to development. Thanks to your skill, you will be able to defeat competitors and build relationships with management. Do not back down: if there is aspiration in the heart, then you will drill a stone.

On weekends, your children can be a source of inspiration. The weekly horoscope for the Goat suggests organizing an interesting joint leisure. If you have not been to exhibitions and concerts for a long time, have not spent time in long conversations, try to make amends. Arrange a theme holiday, come up with costumes — creativity has no boundaries.

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