Goat Weekly Chinese Horoscope

October 2-8: The main feature of the fourth week of the Rooster month is fighting enthusiasm and optimism. It doesn’t matter how your affairs develop, it’s possible that it’s not the best way. However, you will see life in a rainbow light. The determination to turn the world and a firm belief in your success is the only thing that will matter to you. Be prepared to uphold your interests.

Do not let the will of jealousy, moderate your ardor, if you do not want to start the week with a family showdown. The negative impact of the element of the Yin-Metal month brings disharmony in the relationship between people. The weekly Chinese horoscope for the Goat recommends tuning lyrical. Bring romance back to your life, please your partner with a pleasant surprise.

It’s better not to count on easy successes in the professional sphere; in the middle of the week, Goats will have to prove their skills. On the day of the Fire element, energy increases, it must be directed to the solution of working problems. Any surprises are likely, be prepared to demonstrate your knowledge and skills: hands are diligent, so you will not be poor.

Whatever storms rage around you at the weekend, be neutral. The weekly horoscope for the Goat recommends doing what you love, a hobby will help you distract from sad thoughts. Decide how to diversify the activities that give you pleasure. You can do gingerbread painting or patchwork — strive for excellence.

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