Goat Weekly Chinese Horoscope

October 18-24: The energy of the second week of the Dog month promotes self-expression. Openly show your individuality, do what the soul lies to. Only your desires matter, do not give in to others, even in small things. Do not betray your dream, follow it — and everything will turn out. Suddenly new opportunities will open, the right people will appear.

To emphasize your personality, choose clothes wisely. The impact of the element of the month of the Yang-Earth eliminates obsessive thoughts, gives healthy energy. The weekly Chinese horoscope for the Goat advises against following patterns. Start the week with a wardrobe update, trying on different images, you can present yourself in the best light.

The period of financial uncertainty has come to an end; closer to the middle of the week you will be able to stabilize your financial situation. On the Water Tiger day, errors that can lead to monetary losses are virtually eliminated. You can conclude a financial contract, attract new partners to resource management.

The weekend will be held in a positive direction, you just need to try a little. The weekly horoscope for the Goat advises you not to spare time for rest. Abandoning things in favor of doing nothing, you will lose little. Do not regret the lost profit, the income will be returned handsomely. Now you must give yourself the opportunity to gain strength, this is much more important than anything else.

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