Horse Weekly Chinese Horoscope

February 6-12: The first week of the Tiger month will be tense, but you can handle it. Having set a specific goal, you can overcome any obstacles. However, do not indulge your pride, trying to ascend above others, you can cross the boundaries of the rational. Try not to succumb to provocations, behave with restraint, not deviating from the intended path.

Reveal the possibilities of your body, at the beginning of the week pay attention to oriental practices. In the month of the element of the Yang-Wood, the body’s stamina increases, hidden reserves awaken. The weekly Chinese horoscope for the Horse invites you to discover new types of sports hobbies. Do qigong gymnastics, aerogoga, or tray yoga.

Decisions regarding professional activities should not be taken alone; in the middle of the week, Horses cannot do without the help of a team. The day of the Earth element has a balanced assessment, you should not show haste in judgment. You can count on the support of colleagues if you get rid of ambition: everyone rides a common horse.

Do not neglect sports if you feel tired at the end of the week. The weekly horoscope for the Horse recalls the benefits of moderate aerobic exercise. It is not necessary to torture yourself with exorbitant loads in order to maintain good shape. Hatha yoga classes strengthen muscle tone, contribute to the acquisition of grace and plasticity.

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