Ox Weekly Chinese Horoscope

October 18-24: In the second week in the Dog month, any meetings are favorable; do not limit yourself in communication. Do not hide from people, use every opportunity to make new acquaintances. The power of your charm is so great that there will be no end to those who wish. Communicate, share your knowledge, experience, in a word, be in the spotlight, you deserve it.

At the beginning of the week, take care of home improvement. In the month of the element of the Yang-Earth awakens the energy of creation, intensifies the desire for comfort. The weekly Chinese horoscope for the Ox recalls the importance of personal space. Make your home cozier, change curtains, buy cute sofa cushions — add some color to your life.

The period of financial uncertainty has come to an end; closer to the middle of the week you will be able to stabilize your financial situation. On the Water Tiger day, errors that can lead to monetary losses are virtually eliminated. You can conclude a financial contract, attract new partners to resource management.

At the weekend, relations with children may deteriorate, mutual reproaches and resentment are likely. The weekly horoscope for the Ox advises not to focus on problem points. Try to help the children, discuss topics of concern to them, preferably in a relaxed atmosphere. Do not get carried away with moralizing, take time for entertainment, visiting movies and cafes.

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