Rabbit Weekly Chinese Horoscope

January 23-29: The third week of the Ox month will be quite productive. There will be interesting offers, it will be possible to establish profitable contacts. Unexpectedly for yourself, you will find yourself in a winning position. Although you should not exclude some difficulties that could lead to the collapse of ideas. Do not lose vigilance, otherwise miss the opportunity.

Trust your own taste, start the week with a study of fashionable novelties. For the month of the element of the Yin-Water softness and vulnerability are characteristic: I want to make a good impression. The weekly Chinese horoscope for the Rabbit advises to abandon extravagant outfits and accessories. Try to emphasize your natural personality.

Household chores will not let the Rabbits get bored, in the middle of the week it will be possible to resolve all existing domestic problems. The day of the Wood element is successful for arranging the hearth. Any ideas aimed at improving the surrounding space will be useful. Add colorful details to the interior: joy inspires a person.

It monitors well-being, by the end of the week you can become weak. The weekly horoscope for the Rabbit recalls the benefits of stretching and muscle strengthening exercises. Pay attention to Niche gymnastics aimed at increasing the flexibility of the spine. Adhering to this system of wellness loads, you can maintain the body in good shape.

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