Rabbit Weekly Chinese Horoscope

May 23-29: In the third week of the Snake month, comfort comes first. It does not matter what exactly will be discussed, the main thing is to enjoy everything that is happening. You will probably think about improving your living conditions or want to increase your level of self-awareness. Look for ways to change your life, set a goal to achieve perfection and complete harmony.

Take care of yourself, at the beginning of the week you simply have to "clean your feathers." The influence of the element of the month of the Yin-Wood exposes weaknesses, strengthens the need for protection. The weekly Chinese horoscope for the Rabbit recommends that you reconsider your wardrobe. Any failures are experienced easier if the appearance is in order and there is confidence in one’s own ideality.

By switching to domestic affairs in the middle of the week, Rabbits will be able to escape from unpleasant thoughts. The day of the Earth element is good for putting things in order and repairing. Nothing complicated and impossible: everyday life, household chores. But how much pleasure you will receive by observing the results of your work: one smile can erase a million worries.

On weekends, there is a risk of arguing with children, the situation may get out of control. The weekly horoscope for the Rabbit recommends not to show excessive pickiness in relation to your beloved children. Refrain from offensive statements, let the negative pass by yourself. Motivate children for useful activities, study and work.

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