Rat Weekly Chinese Horoscope

August 8-14: In the first week of the Monkey month, you will focus only on yourself. Only personal desires, ambitions — and everything else does not count. Perhaps your vision of the situation will not correspond to reality. However, do not get hung up on such trifles. You are the creator and master of your destiny. A determined attitude will help build self-confidence.

Do not forget about your hobby, despite the bustle of the first days of the week. The influence of the element of the month of the Earth-Yang will give even more weight to everything that you do. The weekly Chinese horoscope for the Rat offers to think about how to turn your favorite business into a business. You have already reached a certain level of skill, it is time to monetize your knowledge and skills.

The financial situation is unlikely to suit you, in the middle of the week large expenses are likely. On the Fire Monkey day, craving for shopping and entertainment is increasing. Be careful in money matters, refuse impulsive spending, reduce the number of unnecessary purchases. Try not to get into debt, the payment process may take a long time.

Look in the mirror more often, if the reflection is not happy, go to the beautician on the weekend. The weekly horoscope for the Rat is recommended to attend to the skin condition. Lack of vitamins, lack of moisture can cause peeling and irritation. Consult with a specialist, carry out procedures aimed at rejuvenating the skin.

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