Rooster Weekly Chinese Horoscope

September 25 – October 1: The third week of the Rooster month promises good luck in business: keep your nose upwind. Fate will give you a chance to advance in service, gain serious patrons. Although success can be very modest. Perhaps you will abandon the grandiose plans, preferring to regain your lost position. All this is not so important, it is not the result, the main thing is the process.

Perhaps at the beginning of the week it will be difficult for you to abandon everyday problems. In the month of the element of the Yin-Metal, the ability to comfortably organize your living space acquires special significance. The weekly Chinese horoscope for the Rooster advises to clean up the house and workplace. It would seem such a trifle, but the mood will definitely improve.

Going to the hairdresser, Roosters should understand that image experiments are undesirable in the middle of the week. On the day of the Earth element, adaptation is particularly difficult. Refresh your hair color, trim your bangs — this will be enough to make the hairstyle look neat. Try to find your master: the habit becomes second nature.

Family troubles can ruin the weekend, but only you will be to blame. The weekly horoscope for the Rooster recommends focusing on maintaining good relationships and a favorable microclimate in the family. A special tact should be shown in questions of raising children: moralizing is not the best way to achieve mutual understanding.

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