Rooster Weekly Chinese Horoscope

July 4-10: The energy of the fourth week of the Horse month is too unstable to start something serious. Do not rush to show character, stubbornly insisting on your opinion. Perhaps the time is coming for tremendous changes, shocks are waiting for you in the near future. Be restrained, leave all unnecessary in the past. Don’t bother trying to speed things up.

Whatever trials await you, you should not neglect personal care. The influence of the element of the month of the Yang-Fire enhances aesthetic perception, arouses a passion for beauty. The weekly Chinese horoscope for the Rooster offers to experiment with appearance. Start the week with a shopping trip, visit a beauty salon — show your taste.

Focus on matters that increase wealth, in the middle of the week you can count on cash receipts. On the Metal Rooster day, one should be guided by common sense, and not focus on momentary benefits. You will find success in the event of a search for an additional source of profit, conclusion of contracts.

Devote a weekend to your favorite business, and if there is none, take up this issue closely. The weekly horoscope for the Rooster guarantees a pleasant pastime and positive emotions. You should not take a hobby only as an outlet, you can earn on your hobby. Do not be shy about your achievements, openly advertise them.

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