Snake Weekly Chinese Horoscope

May 16-22: The second week of the Snake month is conducive to any undertakings. Focus the initiative in your hands, begin to embody the ideas that you have been working on lately. You will certainly succeed if you act flexibly, adapting to circumstances. The ability to maneuver in any situation will help you overcome all obstacles with honor.

In my personal life, a completely cloudless period has come, from the first days of the week tune in to the lyrical mood. The influence of the element of the month of the Yin-Wood will help to overcome the barriers of misunderstanding, the partner will hear you. The weekly Chinese horoscope for the Snake advises not to hide their feelings. Arrange a candlelit dinner: pleasant surprises and romance — that’s what you are missing.

Asceticism does not threaten Snakes, but in the middle of the week it is better to abandon squandering and risky transactions. The energy of the day of the Water element is slow and viscous, there is no need to pursue large profits. The financial situation will be stable, it is time to pay off previous debts. Keep your reputation: borrowed — return, the second time it will be easy to take.

Cheer up, a lot will depend on your mood on the weekend. The weekly horoscope for the Snake promises positive changes in terms of personal hobbies. In addition to a pleasant pastime, you can count on certain bonuses. If in your business you have reached a high level of skill, it is worth considering options for transforming a hobby into a job.

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