Tiger Weekly Chinese Horoscope

October 3-9: The entire fourth week of the Rooster month will be held under the motto: life is a struggle. You can achieve clarity in business if you show persistence. Do not be afraid to openly express your opinion, desperately argue and discuss. Feel free to ignore the generally accepted rules and regulations. However, act without fanaticism, in the heat of excitement it is easy to make a mistake and turn on the wrong path.

Start the week with walks in the fresh air. The influence of the element of the month ot the Yin-Earth strengthens the craving for everything natural and natural. The weekly Chinese horoscope for the Tiger recommends organizing a short trip out of town or a picnic in a nearby park. A short rest, preferably in the company of households, will definitely not hurt you.

Small financial problems may interfere with some projects. In the middle of the week, unplanned spending is not excluded, on the Water Dragon day you can become a victim of scammers and swindlers. Avoid dubious offers, wait with loans. Large acquisitions are possible if they were considered in advance.

For routine chores, do not forget about yourself; at the weekend, take care of the wardrobe. The weekly horoscope for the Tiger recommends taking a closer look at fashionable novelties. Forget about convenience and comfort, dilute strict business style with bright accessories. Experiment with images and colors, buy some trendy outfits in rich colors.

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