Tiger Weekly Chinese Horoscope

September 18-24: The characteristics of the second week of the Rooster month indicate the ambiguity of the situation. On the one hand, new acquaintances and fruitful communication, on the other hand, quarrels over nonsense. Be selective, limit contact with people you dislike. Avoid confidential conversations, you must follow the main goal — to maintain peace of mind.

In order not to seem boring to yourself and others, master a new kind of hobby. The influence of the element of the Yin-Metal month will enhance your ability to see the beauty of the world. The weekly Chinese horoscope for the Tiger suggests directing forces towards the development of artistic taste. Start the week with an introduction to the beautiful, engage in painting or collecting.

Proven methods should be followed in Tigers affairs; some difficulties may appear in the middle of the week. The day of the Water element has a soft energy, try to do without radical innovations. What has always worked will be your best bet. If you are afraid to miss something, remember: the flowers bloom at the right time.

Do not delay cleaning at the weekend, try to fix household problems as soon as possible. The weekly horoscope for the Tiger promises interesting events, you can skip them because of the need to do homework. Taking up routine business with enthusiasm, you can free up time for more exciting and useful activities.

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