Tiger Weekly Chinese Horoscope

October 18-24: Circumstances of the second week of the Dog month have a pleasant conversation. You are the very charm and charm, set aside all things for later, focus on communication. People around do not inspire fear, on the contrary, they inspire confidence. You will be able to make reliable friends if you are guided by the desire to open your soul, and not by pragmatic motives.

An excellent cure for boredom is family gatherings, start the week with positive and jokes. In the month of the element of the Yang-Earth, the need for love and support increases. The weekly Chinese horoscope for the Tiger recommends arranging a family shopping or a cozy dinner. Joint pastime will cheer up all relatives, and first to you.

The period of financial uncertainty has come to an end; closer to the middle of the week you will be able to stabilize your financial situation. On the Water Tiger day, errors that can lead to monetary losses are virtually eliminated. You can conclude a financial contract, attract new partners to resource management.

For routine chores, do not forget about yourself; at the weekend, take care of the wardrobe. The weekly horoscope for the Tiger recommends taking a closer look at fashionable novelties. Forget about convenience and comfort, dilute strict business style with bright accessories. Experiment with images and colors, buy some trendy outfits in rich colors.

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