2022 Chinese Horoscope

In the countries of the East, the beginning of the new year is timed to coincide with the new moon ๐ŸŒ‘ after the completion of the full lunar cycle โ˜ฝ following the day of the winter solstice. Therefore, there is no fixed date for the holiday. According to the Chinese calendar โ˜ฏ, New Year 2022 will begin on February 1 and will last until January 21, 2023. The ruling planet of the coming period is Mercury โ˜ฟ. Its influence promises wisdom, abundance, balance. In the material world, this is the solution of complex problems, a way out of oppressive situations, financial well-being. The planet of the year embodies optimism, harmony, vitality, strength and freedom of spirit. The ruling element of the period is Water, symbolizing in Chinese philosophy pacification, mutual understanding, wisdom, and regularity. In the Chinese horoscope, it corresponds to black.

Year of the Water Tiger in the Chinese calendar

The overlord sign of the year 2022 is the black ้‡‘ Water Tiger ๐Ÿ…. The "striped predator" has a masculine origin โ€“ Yang, which gives the character of the new owner courage, determination, sometimes unpredictability and aggression. At the same time, the water element of the period corrects the rulerโ€™s hot temper in favor of generosity, wisdom, and benevolence towards the wards. The year of the Tiger is a time of development, creation, establishing personal relationships and business ties. The owner of the year will set his rules at the start and demand their strict observance. His motto is to work for the result, to have full rest, not to fuss in vain. Astrologers from AstrologyK.com will tell you what the horoscope will be in the year of the Tiger for all signs of the zodiac.

The Chinese horoscope for 2022 promises a favorable period for all signs of the zodiac, filled with positive changes, new business acquaintances and romantic meetings. For those who have been thinking about changing jobs for a long time, at the beginning of spring, the Water Tiger will have a chance to fulfill their intentions. Success is guaranteed by determination and readiness for professional development. Zodiac representatives who dream of a strong family will meet their long-awaited partner in the summer. In order for the acquaintance to take place, the horoscope advises to go on a journey, or at least not hide from the world within four walls. The year of the Tiger is successful for the acquisition of real estate, home improvement, the formation of personal capital, financial investments in long-term projects.

Love and Family

Love horoscope 2022 foresees a good time for romantic acquaintances and strengthening family relationships. In the year of the Water Tiger, the representatives of the zodiac who are paired will feel spiritual unity with their partner. At times, it will seem that the lovers understand each other without words. Mercury will give the usual relationships vivid emotions and tender affection for the chosen one. Some will discover new qualities in the satellite, which will be pleasantly surprised. Others will want to please their partner with pleasant surprises. The horoscope sees the time of strengthening feelings, growth of mutual respect. Many members of the zodiac family will think about the heirs. For those who are already in the status of parents, the Chinese horoscope predicts a warm relationship with children.

Single people will want to trade freedom and independence for harmonious partnerships. The Tiger will be happy to help make what you want โ€“ arrange a meeting with a potential lover in an unexpected place. The best time for romantic acquaintances is from April to September 2022. The horoscope advises not to stay at home, but to go on a trip, visit creative or sports events. Do not forget โ€“ the Tiger is cunning and has a sense of humor. Therefore, he will easily arrange a fateful acquaintance in a car parking lot or in the vastness of a supermarket. The horoscope advises to be attentive and go out fully armed. A chance meeting will be the start of a loving, long-term relationship.

Job and Career

Business horoscope 2022 predicts a favorable period for those who systematically move towards the goal and do not participate in intrigues and gossip in the work collective. The Year of the Water Tiger will bring success to people striving for professional development. Luck will smile at the representatives of the zodiac, who are ready to change their field of activity if circumstances require it. But the "striped predator" will not tolerate complaints about the life and injustice of the world. For those who have problems with work, the Chinese horoscope advises to pay attention to their favorite hobby. In the second half of the year, the Tiger will provide the wards with a chance to turn their hobby into a source of income. The end of summer is a good time for the realization of creative talents. Autumn is conducive to the monetization of craft skills.

Career growth awaits representatives of professions in the field of education and military affairs. Most likely you will have to change your place of residence for a while. The horoscope assures that the move and the new position will not disappoint. Newly found colleagues will show goodwill and help to get used to a new place. And some representatives of the zodiac, far from home, will meet their fate. For businessmen, the horoscope predicts stability and the opportunity to open an additional direction of business. However, he warns โ€“ you should not conclude business contracts in September. Better to postpone the deal to the end of the year. If this is not possible, donโ€™t spare money for a professional lawyer and study the documents with him in detail.

Finance and Shopping

The financial horoscope 2022 predicts an ambiguous period. Ruling Mercury personifies wealth and prosperity. However, water will not flow under the lying stone. The Tiger welcomes work for results, when the goal is related to resources and indicated by the time frame for achievement. But empty fussiness will anger the sovereign. The horoscope advises not to scatter efforts in different directions, but to focus on one thing. Then the stars guarantee financial stability and a smooth growth in prosperity. In this case, the choice is recommended to be made in favor of an occupation that finds a moral response.

The Year of the Water Tiger is a good one for long-term financial investments. The horoscope advises those who have primary capital to invest in real estate construction. He recommends to others not to spend all the money earned on current purchases, but to set aside part of the income for a dream. The "striped overlord" will make sure that the piggy bank is regularly replenished. It is better to refuse gambling and the desire to instantly increase capital in the year of the Tiger. You can not only lose what you have, but also gain the status of a debtor. May 2022 is successful for people of creative professions. Some will be offered to organize an exhibition of their own works. Others will be noticed by a famous director. The horoscope advises not to hesitate for a long time, otherwise the chance to make good money will slip away.

Health and Relaxation

The health horoscope 2022 predicts a favorable period. The Black Water Tiger is strong, hardy, rationally treats its own well-being. He will generously share his characteristic qualities with the wards. However, the horoscope warns that those who do not learn the rules of the rulerโ€™s life will have a hard time. And the owner of the period will demand a reasonable combination of work and rest, attention to the signals of the body, and the implementation of preventive measures. You can spend the weekend guarding the safety of the sofa. But if it becomes a habit, the Tiger will get angry. The horoscope advises to exercise moderation in everything: to provide for easy physical activity, to monitor nutrition and adherence to the daily regimen.

In March, people with chronic diseases are recommended by the stars to undergo preventive treatment. And even if nothing bothers you. For persons whose physical activity, due to professional activity, is minimal โ€“ it is useful to go in for swimming, dancing or table tennis. In the year of the Tiger, the nervous and cardiovascular systems deserve attention. The horoscope advises not to delay a visit to the doctor in case of ailments or periodic pain. An ailment detected at an early stage will be cured without negative consequences. But a neglected disease threatens to become a companion for many years. Summer and autumn are good times for relaxation. Sea resorts will help restore strength to people with respiratory problems.

2022 Elemental Horoscope

The Chinese horoscope assumes the presence of five elements: Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water. The last digit of a personโ€™s year of birth determines the element of his zodiac sign: "4" and "5" โ€“ Wood ๆœจ, "6" and "7" โ€“ Fire ็ซ, "8" and "9" โ€“ Earth ๅœŸ, "0" and "1" โ€“ Metal ้‡‘, "2" and "3" โ€“ Water ๆฐด. The element of the year of birth is dominant. At the same time, each animal has its own โ€“ natural or native element. It is unchanged and does not depend on the year of birth. The interaction of the elements forms a favorable or destructive combination. Therefore, the elemental horoscope 2022 adjusts the general forecast depending on the belonging of the zodiac representatives to one or another element. Astrologers of the AstrologyK website will tell you about the peculiarities of the interaction of the Water Tiger with wards of different elements. They will tell you how to build a favorable relationship with the "striped overlord".

Horoscope 2022 for signs of the Wood element

For those born in the year of the element of the Wood, the horoscope predicts the time of creation, personal growth, the realization of plans and the fulfillment of desires. The overlord will help you master new frontiers and improve your financial situation. The Water Tiger will tell you a way to solve long-standing problems. For the people of the element of wood, 2022 will bring positive changes in the field of finance. The year is successful for the purchase of housing, health promotion, and the establishment of business contacts. The main thing is self-confidence and systematic steps towards the goal. For the Tiger and Rabbit, the Wood is a native element. Representatives of the signs will get a chance to move up the career ladder, showing themselves from an advantageous side. Personal relationships will develop in the best way.

Horoscope 2022 for signs of the Fire element

Representatives of the zodiac, for whom Fire is the dominant element, will not immediately obey the rules of the Water Tiger. Therefore, in the first half of the year, business failures, problems in personal relationships are likely. Some will not get a higher position just because they regularly informed the management about the mistakes of their colleagues. The fact is that the "striped predator" does not tolerate violence and meanness. Such behavior of the charges will lead to failure. If mistakes are recognized, the second half of 2022 will become more successful. The Horse and the Snake, for whom the element of Fire is natural, will understand only by April that attempts to change the partnerโ€™s opinion by reproaches and focusing attention on his shortcomings will bring nothing but scandals and mutual grievances.

Horoscope 2022 for signs of the Earth element

Those born in the year of the elements of the Earth will enter a new cycle with the hope of changing their lives for the better. The Water Tiger will live up to expectations. Some representatives of the elements will be rewarded for hard work in the form of a large bonus or a lucrative business proposal. Others โ€“ a meeting with a long-awaited life partner, sincere love and understanding with a partner. The period 2022 will bring financial well-being and harmony in personal relationships. Earth is the native element of the Ox, Dragon, Goat and Dog. Success in business awaits the first. The second โ€“ will find inspiration in close people. The third, carried away by creativity, will discover that her favorite work not only brings moral satisfaction, but also becomes a full-fledged source of income. Fourth, she will be able to go on a journey that she has long dreamed of, but refused due to lack of funds.

Horoscope 2022 for signs of the Metal element

At the beginning of the year, the Water Tiger will teach the metal signs of the zodiac a lesson in justice and common sense. The element is native to the Rooster and Monkey. The "brilliant" ideas of the first, based on the use of the intellectual and financial capabilities of other people, will lead to the courtroom if the "bird" decides to fraudulently appropriate the total income. The dexterous Monkeyโ€™s attempt to succeed in five projects at the same time will end with a return to the starting point. In general, for people with the dominant element of Metal, the year will be successful, although global changes are not expected. The horoscope advises to reconsider the behavior and sensibly assess their own strengths. Then the patron of 2022 will help in business, suggest ways to improve the financial situation. The year of the Tiger is successful for education and self-development.

Horoscope 2022 for signs of the Water element

For those born in the year of the element of Water, the horoscope promises a period of prosperity and well-being. The players will accept the rules of the Water Tiger at the start of the period. Therefore, all year long they will feel the favor and support of a star relative. The Water Tiger will help you to prove yourself in business, to see new opportunities where competitors did not even think to look. The relationship that began in the year of the "striped predator" will bring love, joy and understanding with a partner. The period 2022 is good for professional growth and marriage. Water is a natural element for Rats and Pigs. In the year of the Tiger, they are the first to implement their planned projects, receive an impressive income or discover a new hobby. The second โ€“ will make the cherished dream of a cozy family nest come true.

How to celebrate the year of the Water Tiger

The Chinese horoscope advises to thoroughly approach the meeting of the New Year. Astrologers will tell you how to greet the black Water Tiger, what to serve for the festive table. The Lord of 2022 loves communication, is interested in changes and new acquaintances. Therefore, it is recommended to meet him in a cheerful company. The Tiger will appreciate if the place of celebration, on the occasion of his arrival, is decorated in blue, white, silver and orange colors. A small indoor fountain or waterfall will convince the hero of the occasion that he was expected and prepared for the reception. Costume parties with elements of show and theatrical play are appropriate.

It is preferable to serve meat, fish and various delicacies at the table. The "striped predator" does not like fruits, vegetables and sweets. However, there is nothing against their presence, among the exquisite dishes, at the feast. The royal person will "demand" an original serving of dishes and table setting, corresponding to the status of the guest. It is worth remembering: the freedom-loving Tiger does not tolerate space restrictions. Therefore, the New Yearโ€™s table should not be bursting with snacks. It is better to serve dishes in stages. The horoscope advises not to overdo it with alcohol. The new owner will not like it if the charges begin to behave inappropriately.

In terms of New Yearโ€™s outfit, the horoscope recommends giving preference to elegant suits of turquoise, yellow, gold and black shades. For example, a black dress decorated with bright jewelry combined with festive makeup will delight the Tiger. The overlord will also like a golden suit with accessories in black and white shades. New Yearโ€™s gifts are a separate topic. The Tiger loves practical luxury and does not tolerate wasting on trinkets. As a gift to friends and relatives, the horoscope advises you to choose a useful and high-quality present. For example, a handy tool for cooking or hobbies. An elegant wardrobe item or accessory โ€“ a scarf, gloves, home clothes, a wallet with a Tiger pattern. And of course, gold jewelry with precious stones.

2022 Chinese Horoscope for All Zodiac Signs