Chinese Horoscope 2022: Dragon

The Chinese calendar ☯ is a system of lunar cycles. Therefore, the beginning of the New Year depends on the phase of the Moon ☽, and not on a specific date. The starting line is the second New Moon ☽ from the winter solstice. In 2022, it will take place on February 1 – this is the Chinese New Year. The coming cycle is ruled by the Water element 水, which is compared in eastern astrology with black. Therefore, the black 水 Water Tiger 🐅 gracefully enters the star pedestal. The striped predator is friendly enough. However, he will establish his own rules immediately. The Lord of the Year of the Tiger will not tolerate excessive fussiness, deceitful speeches, empty labors. Without ceremony, he will stop such behavior. The Water Tiger prefers to act on the result, and after completing things he loves to rest comfortably. Tiger will keep order until January 21, 2023. What will be the Chinese horoscope for the Dragon 🐉 for the coming year – the astrologers of the AstrologyK website will tell.

Year of the Water Tiger for the Dragon

The ruler of the previous period, the white 金 Metal Ox 🐂, demanded humble diligence from the Dragons for the benefit of a higher goal. At the same time, he left the sphere of personal relations in a zone of uncertainty. The working aspect absorbed the forces of the representatives of the sign without a trace. The horoscope for the Dragon for 2022 promises positive changes. The Black Water Tiger will pay special attention to the amorous life of its wards. "Striped" is determined to encourage "fire-breathing" for past merits and uncomplaining patience. Stability is expected in the professional field. The financial situation will reach the long-awaited level. But the horoscope advises to take care of health. In February, the body will warn some Dragons about troubles. Do not hesitate – a visit to the doctor will help avoid problems.

Love and Family

The 2022 love horoscope for the Dragon promises a period full of bright emotions, joyful experiences. The Water Tiger has prepared a number of romantic acquaintances, whirlwind romances. Bored in loneliness, representatives of the sign will bravely rush into the "battle". The horoscope foresees unexpected travels, intimate passions. At the same time, he advises not to lose your head, believing in your own irresistibility. By July, a situation is likely when the army of fans will demand to make a choice. The Water Tiger will hint how to get out of the situation with dignity. The Wise Dragon will understand the hint – it will keep the peace of mind and reputation. At the end of summer, the horoscope advises you to take a break from love exploits, to gain strength. Indeed, in November, the water Tiger is preparing a fateful meeting. The new relationship will change the worldview of the Dragon and, possibly, the view of "marital status".

Job and Career

The business horoscope of the Dragon in the year of the Tiger does not see any drastic changes. Habitual work will bring the expected income. The Water Tiger will make sure that romantic passions do not interfere with work. However, in the middle of summer, the horoscope advises to carefully sign business papers – an extra phrase in the contract is fraught with material losses. In early autumn, there will be an unexpected proposal to change the field of activity. The horoscope warns that a spontaneous decision is inappropriate. Better to think carefully about the idea and make a decision early next year. The period of the water Tiger’s reign is the time of transformation of your favorite hobby into a source of additional income.

Finance and Shopping

The financial horoscope 2022 for the Dragon predicts an even flow of cash in the bins of the representatives of the sign. True, "fire-breathing" are not inclined to hoarding. The presence of bills gives rise to a desire to realize dreams and enjoy life. The Water Tiger doesn’t mind. However, it will not tolerate waste. The horoscope advises not to waste money, but to invest in sustainable projects. For example, buying an apartment under construction will bring rental income in the future. And investing in your own education will help you stay in office.

Health and Relaxation

The 2022 health horoscope for the Dragon foresees an ambiguous period. On the one hand – vigorous health, excellent mood. On the other hand, there is a breakdown and incomprehensible discomfort. In the year of the Tiger, the horoscope recommends not to ignore body signals. The spine and joints are at risk. Planned clinical examination in February will help prevent possible problems. Special attention should be paid to health for Dragons with chronic ailments. A preventive course of treatment in the spring will not only prevent the exacerbation of sores, but also give a boost of vivacity.

2022 Horoscope for the Dragon man

The Dragon man will spend 2022 surrounded by charming female fans. The attention from the fair sex will lead to a number of passionate romances. The horoscope advises to be careful – excessive lovingness is fraught with surprises. If the Dragon man is ready for the appearance of unplanned heirs, the water Tiger will suit it. Married representatives of the sign will want new impressions, vivid emotions. The horoscope warns – the search for what you want outside the family nest threatens to break off relations. After a couple of months, the intimate ardor will fade away, but it is unlikely that it will be possible to return the spouse. The Year of the Tiger is favorable for romantic family travel, secluded pastime. If you free your companion from current worries, she will gladly plunge with her husband into the ocean of passions.

In the business sphere for the Dragon man, global changes are not expected. The Tiger appreciates the dedication, professional passion, courage of the representatives of the sign. Remembers the past military merits of the wards. Therefore, during the period of his reign, he will allow him to take a break from military exploits and enjoy the results of his own labors. A stable financial position will help you not to worry about your daily bread. In July, the Water Tiger will give businessmen a chance to expand their business. Long-term partners will come up with a tempting offer. The horoscope sees – the idea is promising, but caution does not hurt. It is recommended to consult a professional lawyer before signing contracts.

2022 Horoscope for the Dragon woman

The Dragon woman in 2022 will amaze others with a new image, a bold wardrobe. Men will want to conquer the heart of a charming beauty. The lady will be happy to play cat and mouse. True, gentlemen will not immediately understand that the "cat" in the game is the Dragon. The Tiger will watch with affection the entertainment of the flirt. He will not interfere in love affairs. However, she will not approve of the Dragon woman’s attempts to rudely manipulate the sincerely in love admirer. By the end of summer, the admirer will disappear. But it was he who was ready to become a faithful companion in the life of the Dragon woman. Married ladies will get bored in the household routine. The horoscope assures that the husband also wants to refresh his feelings. It is enough to hint to the chosen one about your desires, and the usual family life will turn into a honeymoon.

In the year of the Water Tiger, the Dragon woman will be least of all interested in professional achievements. For a while, the career will fade into the background. This does not mean that the lady will forget about work. Compliance with job descriptions will help you get a steady income. At the same time, the Tiger will make sure that the ward does not overwork. The horoscope advises the woman of the sign to pay attention to health. A trip to a seaside resort in the second half of the year will help strengthen the immune system and give a pleasant impression of new acquaintances. When traveling in 2022, it is likely that you will meet forgotten childhood friends. Renewal of relationships will give a charge of vivacity, strength for future achievements.

2022 Elemental Horoscope for the Dragon

The Chinese Dragon horoscope for 2022 is different for representatives of different elements of the sign. The Black Water Tiger does not equally build relationships with the charges. One will be given freedom in behavior, decisions. Others, using the power, will carefully take care of: help in business, protect from troubles, save from ill-wishers and envious people. The third will show who is the boss in the house. It will require strict adherence to the established procedure. Of course, he won’t eat the recalcitrant, but it will leave scars on the "scaly back". Astrologers of the AstrologyK website will help Dragons of different elements to understand the master’s intentions, to negotiate with the "predator".

2022 Horoscope for Wood Dragon

The 木 Wood Dragon 🐉 will learn a couple of lessons from the Water Tiger in 2022. The teachings will concern the business sphere. Representatives of the combination are inclined to selflessly work, not paying attention even to constructive comments. The Tiger will show what such self-confidence is fraught with. For example, you have to redo a ready-made report. The horoscope advises taking into account the opinions of colleagues. In the remaining spheres of the Wood Dragon, prosperity awaits. Lonely people in May will get to know a kindred person. The established relationship will make you think about marriage. Family representatives of the sign will live a year in agreement with the chosen one. The horoscope predicts a pleasant surprise from close relatives at the end of the year.

2022 Horoscope for Fire Dragon

The 火 Fire Dragon 🐉 will already in February 2022 feel the formidable disposition of the water Tiger. The habit of the representatives of the zodiac to achieve what they want at any cost will anger the star patron. The Tiger is a noble predator. It bravely defends its territory, but does not pretend to someone else’s. The horoscope advises the Fire Dragon to reconsider the behavior. Humiliation of other people, ignoring their interests for the sake of their own good – is fraught with moving to the opposite side of the "barricades" The horoscope reminds – the reputation is earned for a long time, but it is quickly lost. Astrologers who are in a relationship with Fire Dragons warn against violent manifestations of jealousy. Aggression against a partner threatens to visit the police station.

2022 Horoscope for Earth Dragon

For the 土 Earth Dragon 🐉, 2022 will give a sea of positive love experiences, business acquaintances. Spring is the time of professional growth, labor success, stabilization of the financial situation. Summer is the time of falling in love, the start of a long-term relationship. Travel is favorable in autumn. Even if it’s just a business trip, the horoscope promises positive emotions. The Water Tiger will support creative endeavors. Those who dream of mastering the mastery of words, painting, dance art will make their dreams come true. In winter, the horoscope advises to take health seriously. If it is not possible to go to a sanatorium, it does not matter. Regular walks, moderate nutrition will bring vigor and help you stay in shape.

2022 Horoscope for Metal Dragon

The 金 Metal Dragon 🐉 in the year of the Tiger implements his plans. Good luck accompanies in love affairs. Family "fire-breathing" is waiting for the news of the replenishment. The lonely will meet the understanding partner. The year is successful for financial investments, large purchases. Travel is favorable in the first half of the cycle. But the horoscope advises to refuse trips in October and December 2022. Transport accidents, material losses are possible. Health problems are not expected. Metal Dragons who are fond of heavy physical exertion, the horoscope recommends to assess their own strengths sensibly and not bring themselves to injuries.

2022 Horoscope for Water Dragon

The 水 Water Dragon 🐉 will immanently "float" into 2022. The overlord will relate to the representatives of this combination in a relative way: he will allow him to contemplate the world, enjoying stability and prosperity. In March, avid workers will receive an offer to improve their professional qualifications with a subsequent transfer to a higher position. The horoscope advises not to hesitate – it’s a sure thing, success is guaranteed. Family Water Dragons will experience both spiritual and physical satisfaction from communication with a partner. Lonely representatives of the sign will meet their long-awaited companion closer to autumn. The horoscope reminds – an idle lifestyle is fraught with health problems. Therefore, he advises not to overeat and remember about physical education.

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