Chinese Horoscope 2023: Dragon

The new year 2023 according to the Chinese calendar โ˜ฏ will begin on January 22. On this day, the Tiger ๐Ÿ… will give way to the starry throne to the black ๆฐด Water Rabbit ๐Ÿ‡, who will hand over the reins on February 9, 2024. What will surprise and please the new patron of his earthly wards? Foremost, the eastern horoscope promises peace, tranquility and the opportunity to relax in the endless stream of lifeโ€™s challenges. Representatives of all signs will be able to devote more attention to their families, improve their personal lives or find time for their favorite activities. In the year of the Rabbit there will be less trouble, conflict, unrest and nervous tension. astrologers will tell you what positive things to expect for Dragons ๐Ÿ‰ and what to fear, how to build a career and relationships in order to achieve maximum results.

Dragon Horoscope 2023

Year of the Water Rabbit for the Dragon

Dragons are waiting for a difficult, but very interesting and productive time. In the year of the Rabbit, the wards of the sign will have to pacify their active nature, otherwise unpleasant failures in their careers and personal lives cannot be avoided. The reason is that the furry patron does not like people who grab onto everything at once, get too zealously involved in activities and strain those around them. At the same time, the Rabbit ๐Ÿ‡ will like the honesty and sincerity of the Dragons, he will generously reward him for this. The 2023 horoscope advises to listen to the voice of intuition more often and not to ignore the advice of loved ones. The period will be successful for those who want to meet true love, create a family or establish relationships with relatives.

Love and Family

The love horoscope 2023 for the Dragon predicts a transformation in attitudes towards relationships. Representatives of the sign will discover new facets of sensitivity and become more aware of their emotions, become softer and more delicate. Many will better understand the reasons for other peopleโ€™s actions and will behave more tolerantly. The owner of the year, the Rabbit, will force you to abandon the commanding tone and seek compromises. Undoubtedly, all this will positively affect relationships. During the summer vacation, couples will experience a romantic period, reminiscent of their young love. Free people of the sign will easily awaken passionate feelings in the opposite sex, but the horoscope does not promise successful holiday romances. Most likely, true love will meet in the fall.

Representatives of the sign in a relationship will be pushed by the Rabbit to take decisive action โ€“ registering a marriage, having children, or ending a relationship in which feelings have exhausted themselves. The Dragon horoscope 2023 reminds that the owner of the period most of all appreciates family and home comfort. For this reason, he contributes to everything that will bring good to his relatives, whether it is the reconciliation of spouses or the purchase of a new house. True, time will not pass without trials. In August or September, unexpected temptations may appear: an old love will meet, you will want to flirt at work or punish your partner for some kind of offense. Dragons need to gather their will into a fist so as not to make mistakes. The horoscope recommends distraction: make repairs, help parents or communicate more with children.

Job and Career

In the business sphere, the year of the Rabbit will be successful and difficult at the same time. Representatives of the sign who worked hard in previous periods will be rewarded for their efforts. It will be a new position, your own business or a good profit. The difficulties lie in the fact that it will be necessary to act in new conditions and by other methods. Circumstances will force straightforward Dragons to become diplomats and look for roundabout ways to solve labor problems. The career horoscope 2023 advises to control emotions, otherwise things will be accompanied by constant conflicts. On the other hand, friendly and talkative people of the sign will be able to develop useful contacts, find partners or employees.

In the second half of 2023, the Dragon horoscope recommends focusing on current tasks and not taking on new projects. It is useful to analyze achievements in order to understand the reasons for successes and failures. This time is favorable to strengthen the status of a professional. People of the sign will have time to learn, broaden their general horizons and acquire new skills. The Rabbit reminds you that sometimes it is better to adapt to new circumstances, and not go ahead. Intuition will tell you what tasks to spend maximum effort on. However, those who want to achieve career heights should not go with the flow. The best strategy in the Year of the Rabbit is to take small steps towards big goals.

Finance and Shopping

The financial condition of the representatives of the sign will largely depend on cost control. The money horoscope 2023 for the Dragons predicts stable profits, including investments or passive income. A big obstacle on the way to material well-being is the passionate, addictive nature of the people of the sign. A new love or a strong emotional conflict can distract them from reality so much that the state of the wallet will no longer be of interest at all. For this reason, the horoscope for the year of the Rabbit advises to refrain from large financial transactions. An exception may be household purchases, the money for which has already been set aside. With the rest of the expenses, it is better to wait or entrust control over them to close people.

Starting in September, the money affairs of the Dragons will go better. The 2023 horoscope advises investing excess funds in the most reliable and understandable tools. In such cases, it will be almost impossible to lose investments. The owner of the Rabbit period will help you find additional work or interesting one-time projects that will significantly complement the bank account of the representatives of the sign. At the same time, the Dragon horoscope strongly recommends checking all documents well and carefully reading contracts, otherwise you can lose a large amount due to annoying oversights. In the middle of autumn, people of the sign should behave as tolerantly as possible. At this time, unpleasant quarrels with business partners and termination of cooperation are possible.

Health and Relaxation

The Dragon horoscope in the Year of the Rabbit advises you to take advantage of the gifts of the star patron with maximum health benefits. Foremost, people of the sign will be able to fully relax, because they will not have to work much overtime. Is it possible to go to the resort twice? Do not give up, it will increase productivity and save you from emotional burnout. Moreover, after a rather tense spring, the body will require a reboot. Relieve excess stress Rabbit advises physical activity. Running, cycling or swimming is best. Last but not least, do yoga at home. Until the end of May, the 2023 horoscope does not exclude vitamin deficiency, therefore it recommends consuming more plant foods or using pharmaceutical preparations.

Summer promises a great vacation. During this period, the health horoscope 2023 for the Dragon recommends doing something that is often not enough time: visit a dentist, undergo a medical examination, undergo a massage or spa treatments. Rabbit assures that for some, working with a psychotherapist will make life easier. Overly active vacationers should remember that the case can end in injuries, sunburn or allergies to unusual exotics. In early autumn, chronic diseases will appear. So that poor health does not interfere with full-fledged work, the Dragon horoscope advises to engage in prevention and constantly monitor the state of the body. The patron Rabbit will generously reward those who take care of themselves with good health.

2023 Horoscope for the Dragon man

For men of the sign, the Rabbit will provide free rein. The 2023 horoscope for the Dragon assures that many will decide to end their old business projects and only then will they be able to plan their next career steps. Active individuals get tired of monotony. They will think about how to decorate insipid everyday life: some will spend their extra energy on sports, others will find additional activities. Dragons will plunge headlong into social activities, volunteering, personal creative projects or passionate relationships. True, the horoscope advises not to live with emotions alone, otherwise you can lose a lot. For men, a sense of duty should be stronger than fleeting pleasures, and well-being โ€“ petty hobbies.

At the end of the summer of 2023, the Rabbit prophesies a favorable period for career development. Dragon men will unexpectedly discover a lot of interesting business proposals, and most of them will come during informal friendly communication. In the fall, representatives of the sign are more likely to find an additional job or an interesting hobby. At the same time, the Dragon horoscope in the year of the Rabbit does not recommend drastically changing goals. It is better for men to focus on current processes and not disturb the natural course of events. An exception may be marriage or the birth of children. In family relationships, the horoscope promises good luck and maximum assistance, and also assures that the wards of the sign are capable of any accomplishments.

2023 Horoscope for the Dragon woman

For Dragon women, Rabbit advises to take advantage of his favor and take care of yourself. Free beauties are promised success in the business field and a new passion, which will most likely lead to marriage. Ladies in a relationship should think about whether the man is nearby and whether he is ready to take responsibility for the family. Perhaps a more worthy candidate for a spouse is not far away. For married Dragons, the 2023 horoscope advises a little conjure over the way of life in order to get a little free from everyday life and find time for romance. This will refresh the senses and make the relationship with a partner even stronger. At the same time, the Rabbit does not advise dedicating friends or close relatives to the details of family life in order to avoid unnecessary conversations behind their backs.

After a wonderful summer, women should take a closer look at new options for earning money. The 2023 horoscope for the Dragon does not exclude job rotations that will worsen the position of the representatives of the sign. Rabbit recommends looking for better deals, but not agreeing to everything. It is important for women to calculate further prospects โ€“ upon closer examination, not all ideas will turn out to be as attractive as at the first moment. Dragons boldly trust intuition, and it will not let you down in the year of the Rabbit. Excess ebullient activity of the ladies will be directed to training. The horoscope says that the knowledge and qualifications gained will give more confidence in a changing world.

2023 Elemental Horoscope for the Dragon

The Dragon 2023 Chinese horoscope advises taking into account not only the influence of the owner of the period, but also the ruling elements. What to expect in the year of the Black Water Rabbit? Foremost, do not count on sudden and rapid changes in any area of life. Events without unnecessary tension will smoothly replace each other. Dragons, who will put all their strength into one thing, run the risk of running into tough opposition. At the same time, a gentle forward movement towards the goal will be the most effective. AstrologyK predictors advise people of the sign to take into account their desires, learn to wait out an unfavorable time, not work to the limit and have a good rest.

2023 Horoscope for Wood Dragon

The ๆœจ Wood Dragon ๐Ÿ‰ in the year of the Rabbit can achieve incredible success in the creative field. If this is a profession of people of the sign, they are guaranteed good incomes. A creative hobby will give an outlet for irrepressible energy and bring a lot of pleasure. The 2023 horoscope advises you to actively study new technologies and try yourself in related specialties. Perhaps the wards of the elements will leave their main job and do what interests them more. Inquisitive Dragons in a huge stream of information and opportunities will catch what is most beneficial to them. They will be the most financially successful in comparison with the counterparts of other elements.

2023 Horoscope for Fire Dragon

The ็ซ Fire Dragon ๐Ÿ‰ is waiting for a period of transformation. The Rabbit will force the representatives of the elements to reconsider their beliefs and views, and some will follow an unexpectedly flared passion. In the souls of people of the sign, regret about missed opportunities, resentment or even envy will flare up with flame. Unbalance will cause conflicts or serious breaks in relationships. True, the peaceful host of 2023 will help the Dragons smooth out the unpleasant consequences and get out of the crisis stronger and wiser. Internal changes, multiplied by leadership qualities, stimulate business success, strengthen the status and realize personal ambitions.

2023 Horoscope for Earth Dragon

The ๅœŸ Earth Dragon ๐Ÿ‰ is a big stickler for stability. The year of the Rabbit will be very favorable for him, as it will allow him to control the situation as much as possible. Representatives of the sign will focus on their career and prepare the ground for future achievements. The most significant success will come to them through other people, so the 2023 horoscope recommends developing social connections. Free Dragons will plunge into a whirlpool of passion, but passion for the opposite sex will not affect their prudence and hard work. Confident in his feelings, the Rabbit recommends getting married and gradually getting used to new responsibilities. Positive emotions will add color to the monotonous everyday life, make you reconsider your global plans for life.

2023 Horoscope for Metal Dragon

The ้‡‘ Metal Dragon ๐Ÿ‰ will benefit greatly from the rule of the Rabbit and the element of water. This is best shown in relationships. People of the sign will become more patient with others, slow down the desire to control everyone around, in the family and at work there will be fewer conflicts, insults and annoying misunderstandings. Rectilinear natures will show miracles of diplomacy, thanks to which they will solve more than one controversial issue. Energetic Dragons have enough endurance to wisely dispose of scarce resources in order to get the most out of them. The 2023 horoscope recommends focusing on work tasks, not losing sight of the connection with others. It will be useful for young representatives of the sign to acquire useful contacts, and for the older generation to establish ties with relatives.

2023 Horoscope for Water Dragon

The ๆฐด Water Dragon ๐Ÿ‰ in 2023 risks getting bogged down in the multitasking that it will create. Excessive perfectionism will significantly slow down the movement towards the final result. The Rabbit will make the people of the sign a little lazy, which can negatively affect income. However, the huge authority and earned status will make it possible for some time not to fulfill duties so diligently. The wisdom of the wards of the elements will tell them in what situations to stand their ground, and when to quietly wait for a positive outcome. The Dragon 2023 horoscope advises to be careful with money and reduce personal spending, but not to miss the opportunity to profitably invest part of the funds. In relationships with loved ones, it is best to rely on intuition and avoid conflicts.

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