Chinese Horoscope 2022: Horse

In the Chinese calendar ☯, unlike the Gregorian, there is no single exact date for the beginning of the New Year. In the countries of the East, the day of the festive event depends on the position of the moon as it moves around the earth. The heavenly patron of the period changes at the start of the second new moon ☽ after the full lunar cycle. In 2022, this day is February 1. The element of the coming cycle is Water 水, which in Eastern philosophy corresponds to black. Therefore, the black 水 Water Tiger 🐅 takes over the star post. A wise and strong ruler is friendly to all zodiac signs, provided that the wards accept the rules dictated by him. The owner of the year will not tolerate disobedience – he will immediately take educational measures. He will manage the lives of the wards until January 21, 2023. Astrologers of the AstrologyK website will tell you what the horoscope will be for the Horse 🐎 in the year of the Tiger.

Year of the Water Tiger for the Horse

The 2022 horoscope for Horses foresees a new stage in love experiences and creative achievements. The representatives of the sign, wise by the experience of the reign of the white 金 Metal Ox 🐂, will accept the rules of life of the new ruler. The Water Tiger is not inclined to overload the charges with back-breaking work. Reasonable efforts are enough for a comfortable existence. The Striped Predator wants the Horses to rest at least occasionally. Representatives of the sign are used to working hard without sleep and rest, ignoring their desires. The Year of the Tiger is a time to change behavior patterns. The Star Lord is determined to prove that life is pleasure.

Love and Family

Love horoscope 2022 for the Horse promises the end of amorous suffering and negative experiences. Already in March, representatives of the sign will feel an unusual sensation in the area of the shoulder blades. This is not just another work clamp – the wings of sensual freedom and romantic adventure are simply being cut. Family Horses will understand how much the partner values the relationship and cares about the loved one. Lonely representatives of the zodiac, wanting spiritual closeness, will decide to end their hermitic existence. The Water Tiger will help – in April, July and September, he has planned romantic acquaintances. The Horse’s task is not to succumb to the embarrassment and opinion of envious people. The horoscope advises listening to the heart, and the stars will help you make a choice.

Job and Career

The business horoscope of the Horse in the Year of the Tiger predicts the period of eating the fruits of his hard work. Past efforts were not in vain. The stars promise a stable job, an unexpected proposal to use available resources to generate additional income. If the event does not contradict the law, the horoscope advises to agree. The Year of the Water Tiger is favorable for the realization of creativity. Horses alone will reveal the artist’s talent. Others will be carried away by the muse of poetry. Still others will be swallowed up by handicrafts. The horoscope recommends giving up false modesty and generously sharing your works with people. For example, on social networks.

Finance and Shopping

The financial horoscope 2022 for the Horse foresees a time of pleasant surprises. People of the sign, passionate about creativity, will see that their talents are in demand and bring a good income. Businessmen will receive a lucrative order that will suggest a new business direction. Management will decide to reward office workers for hard work with a cash bonus or even a raise. The year of the Water Tiger is favorable for home improvement and order. Building materials, furniture, household appliances purchased a year by the "striped predator" will last for more than a dozen years.

Health and Relaxation

The horoscope of health 2022 for the Horse calls for order. The habit of sign people to ignore body signals in the race for recognition is fraught with dire consequences. It will not work to please everyone, but it is easy to shatter the psyche to a nervous breakdown. The horoscope advises not to take on all the current problems, to abandon the principle: "If not me, then who?" In the year of the Water Tiger, the ability to delegate authority in professional and domestic matters will come in handy. A visit to the sanatorium at the beginning of autumn will not only help restore health, but will also give you a chance to meet your soul mate. Horoscope reminds Horses with chronic diseases: prevention is the right way to avoid problems.

2022 Horoscope for the Horse man

The Horse man in 2022 will decide that fortune has chosen him as a favorite. Unexpected prospects will open up in a career. Some representatives of the sign will be returned a long-term money debt, which they have already despaired of receiving. The Water Tiger will give others a chance to make money on their favorite hobby. Businessmen in April will open a new format for promoting goods or services. The horoscope warns of danger: competitors will want to intercept the idea at the start. Therefore, it is recommended to make the innovation public after the legal formalities have been settled.

The personal life of a Horse man in 2022 will be favorable, wishes will come true. Some representatives of the zodiac will receive or make a marriage proposal. Others will meet a long-awaited partner who shares life views and is ready to support a companion in all endeavors. In the middle of summer, the horoscope advises to go on a trip. It is on the road that the Tiger plans to arrange a fateful acquaintance. Married Horses will experience a period of harmony and understanding. The spouse will appreciate the efforts of the chosen one to organize family life and material support. He will support you at the right moment, give you wise advice. For some Horses, at the end of the year, the horoscope predicts the birth of heirs.

2022 Horoscope for the Horse woman

For the Horse woman, 2022 is a time of exciting changes in her career and personal life. The dubious offer of earnings in April by the end of the year will turn into a stable source of income. Office workers will be surprised at how easy it is to fulfill their position if they stop fulfilling the duties of other employees. Of course, some colleagues will be offended. But the management will appreciate the growth of the Horse’s labor productivity – bonuses in the Year of the Tiger will become commonplace. The horoscope advises to plan a vacation for the autumn months. At this time, it is useful to take care of your health. Outdoor hiking and moderate exercise will keep you feeling good and in a positive mood.

The horoscope of personal relationships of a Horse woman in 2022 foresees romantic acquaintances and sensual experiences. Single ladies will meet their long-awaited companion. The Water Tiger will help you spot your lover at a noisy party at the end of May. A casual conversation will open up a host of common interests. And the first date will develop into a passionate romance and tender relationship. For married Horses, the horoscope predicts a measured family life filled with pleasant surprises. One chosen one will offer to go on a romantic trip. Others will be pleased with expensive gifts and pleasant tokens.

2022 Elemental Horoscope for the Horse

The Chinese horoscope for Horses for 2022 adjusts the general forecast depending on the elements of the year of birth of the representatives of the sign. The benevolent mood of the black Water Tiger promises a favorable period. However, not all Horses will immediately understand the requirements of the owner of the year. Astrologers of the AstrologyK website will tell you how to understand the intentions of the "striped predator" and build a harmonious relationship with him.

2022 Horoscope for Wood Horse

The 木 Wood Horse 🐎 will burst into 2022 full of strength and confidence in its own success. The Tiger likes optimism and love of life. Therefore, he will support the charges – remove unnecessary obstacles, suggest interesting ideas. The Wood Horse will be left to use advantageous situations for his own good. The period is successful for romantic relationships and family creation. The year is favorable for professional training and creative development. Health does not cause concern. However, the horoscope advises not to neglect seasonal preventive measures. A stable financial position gives the green light to make your dreams come true.

2022 Horoscope for Fire Horse

The 火 Fire Horse 🐎 will not immediately understand the intentions of the lord of the year. The habit of sign people to rush to the goal, regardless of obstacles and their own well-being, in 2022 is unlikely to lead to the expected result. From February, the Water Tiger will begin to show an obstinate character. The Fire Horse will notice – the more it tries, the further the target becomes. The horoscope advises a thoughtful approach to solving work and personal issues. If it doesn’t go well, postpone it until better times. In the Year of the Tiger, you need to alternate between payload and rest. Otherwise, the "predator" will arrange a forced vacation. For example, in a hospital bed. You should not be too zealous in personal relationships. If the partner decides to leave, logical arguments and weighty arguments will not save the situation, and the nervous system will be pretty shaken. The horoscope recommends taking life as it is. Then the Tiger will help you avoid trouble.

2022 Horoscope for Earth Horse

The 土 Earth Horse 🐎 in 2022 will want peace and solitude. Past merit will keep you financially balanced. Therefore, the Water Tiger does not mind the temporary retreat. The main thing is not to bring the situation to the point of absurdity. The horoscope recommends to engage in self-development, the study of topics of interest for a long time. Some earth Horses will plunge into the world of esotericism. If you follow the rules and do not overstep boundaries, your favorite pastime will become a new source of income. The horoscope warns: spiritual practices must be combined with health care. Walking in the fresh air and regular visits to the pool will keep you feeling vigorous and eliminate problems.

2022 Horoscope for Metal Horse

The 金 Metal Horse 🐎 will get bored of pressing matters and household worries already in March 2022. People of the combination will want adventure and vivid emotions. Some will get carried away with extreme sports. Others will plunge headlong into the world of romantic passions. The Water Tiger does not mind, however, it will closely monitor the behavior of the charges – new hobbies should not harm others. By the fall, the horoscope advises to stop and return to the previous course of life. Otherwise, the extreme threatens with big trouble. At the end of the year, close relatives will require attention – they will need financial assistance or personal participation in their lives. The opinion of the horoscope is not to dismiss it, referring to employment or lack of funds. The Tiger will not tolerate lies: when angry, he will arrange so that excuses materialize.

2022 Horoscope for Water Horse

The 水 Water Horse 🐎 will spend 2022 in a state of peace and happiness. The plans that were conceived will come true. Obstacles in business, as if by magic, will disappear. The Water Tiger favors spontaneous "relatives" in all endeavors. The horoscope foresees significant changes in the personal life of the representatives of the sign. For lonely Water Horses, the stars predict a wedding celebration. The marriage entered into in the Year of the Tiger promises a harmonious union based on mutual understanding and love. Family representatives of the combination will feel spiritual closeness with the chosen one. They will want to go on a romantic trip with a partner, where they will have a second honeymoon.

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