Chinese Horoscope 2022: Rabbit

The Chinese calendar ☯ is based on the change of lunar phases. Therefore, the beginning of the New Year is determined not by a specific date, but by the position of the Moon ☽. Chinese New Year comes after the second New Moon ☽ from the winter solstice. In 2022, the solemn date falls on February 1 — this is the starting line of the Year of the Tiger. The upcoming cycle is subject to the element Water 水, which is black in Eastern astrology. This means that the black 水 Water Tiger 🐅 will rule the world. From the first days of the year "striped" will establish its own rules. A kind, generous master loves purposeful work followed by good rest. The Water Tiger is not inclined to waste energy, work for wear and tear. Will not tolerate such behavior from the wards. The reign of the black Water Tiger will last until January 21, 2023. Astrologers of the AstrologyK website will tell you the horoscope for the Rabbit 🐇 for the coming year.

Year of the Water Tiger for the Rabbit

The former cosmic ruler, the white 金 Metal Ox 🐂, helped the Rabbits to live measuredly, without shocks and unexpected changes. The black Water Tiger does not plan to scare the wards, but he is preparing changes and surprises. Horoscope for the Rabbit for 2022 promises stability in business, financial situation. But in his personal life he foresees changes. Some "eared" will experience the immense joy of change. Others will decide the best relationship is to be alone. The horoscope is sure — in both cases, the Rabbits will feel pacification, satisfaction with what is happening. After all, the vector of changes will not be determined by otherworldly forces, but by the representatives of the sign themselves.

Love and Family

The 2022 love horoscope for the Rabbit predicts a time of indomitable passions, romantic meetings, and stormy relationships. A rich intimate life will help to cope with the despondency of the previous period and will give inspiration. Some Rabbits in the Year of the Tiger will discover creative talents. Bored alone "bunnies" will be delighted with unexpected fans. Summer is a time of tumultuous romances and passionate confessions. The horoscope warns — by the end of autumn it is necessary to settle down, to decide on feelings. Otherwise, admirers will disappear as suddenly as they appeared. Family representatives of the sign will want to bring romance and passion into the relationship. However, the partner will not appreciate the impulse, will doubt the loyalty of the companion. The horoscope warns against resentment and attempts to satisfy desires on the side. Recklessness will ruin a relationship.

Job and Career

The business horoscope of the Rabbit in the Year of the Tiger predicts regularity and orderliness in work. Those waiting for a promotion in the fall of 2022 will have a chance to take the coveted position. Some representatives of the zodiac will decide that the monetary compensation paid for work is not enough. They will want to casually throw a letter of resignation to their boss on the table. The horoscope recommends finding a new job first. This will save you from a period of lack of money and disappointment. An offer to open their own business will be received by winter. Astrologers advise taking a chance. At the same time, they remind of caution when using borrowed funds.

Finance and Shopping

The financial horoscope 2022 for the Rabbit does not foresee any surprises. A stable, expected income accompanies people of the sign for the entire period. A part-time job is likely at the end of the summer. For example, an acquaintance will offer to help in the construction of a house for a fee. A colleague will ask you to sew an evening dress. In the year of the Water Tiger, the horoscope advises to take care of the financial reserve — the monthly amount set aside will come in handy in the future period. It is recommended to refrain from large purchases. Astrologers warn impulsive Rabbits against spontaneous spending in the summer months. You shouldn’t show generosity, generosity on a limited budget. Otherwise, it will be necessary to "patch up the gaps" until December.

Health and Relaxation

The 2022 health horoscope for Rabbit sees the situation in two ways. Representatives of the sign, watching their own well-being, have nothing to worry about. Routine medical examinations, balanced nutrition, moderate physical activity promise no health problems. Rabbits that ignore body signals for the sake of work run the risk of being referred for inpatient treatment. The Water Tiger loves itself, spares no time for rest. The Chinese horoscope advises not to anger the "predator". The year is favorable for wellness procedures. A massage course will help to avoid spinal problems. In October-November, the horoscope recommends visiting a sanatorium.

2022 Horoscope for the Rabbit man

Rabbit man in 2022 will plunge into work. From March, the abundance of business proposals will spark a desire to keep up on all fronts. The horoscope warns against excessive activity. Multitasking is a bad tactic in the Year of the Tiger. It is better to focus on one direction, directing efforts towards a specific result. In this case, the stars promise support and material well-being. For businessmen, Tiger is preparing an acquaintance with profitable partners in May. However, the horoscope warns — competitors are not asleep. Long reflections on the proposal are fraught with the fact that the customer will choose a more efficient partner. Rabbit men, dreaming of a new car, will fulfill their plans at the end of autumn.

Married Rabbits in 2022 will face misunderstandings from their spouses. In the first half of the year, financial flows will decline. The companion will show dissatisfaction, express doubts about the business abilities of the chosen one. A man will have a desire for global changes — to change his job, place of residence, wife. The horoscope warns against spontaneous decisions in the year of the Tiger. Advises to wait out the "storm in a glass" with close friends. The Water Tiger is preparing a surprise for the idle Rabbits languishing alone — a meeting with a charming stranger in the middle of summer. The horoscope foresees a whirlwind romance, intimate passion. It does not exclude that the result of the adventure will be a visit to the registry office by the end of the year.

2022 Horoscope for the Rabbit woman

The Rabbit woman will intuitively understand the inclinations of the Tiger. In 2022, he will treat work as a necessity. Decides to thoroughly deal with himself. In the year of the Water Tiger, the ladies of the sign are waiting for experiments with the image. New hairstyles, wardrobe will delight not only yourself, but also those around you. True, innovations will require financial costs. The horoscope soothes — the Tiger will like the aspirations of the "rabbit". The Lord will take care of the material well-being of the lady in charge. Despite the restrained attitude to work, some representatives of the sign will be promoted in the fall. The personal life of the Rabbit woman in 2022 will be the subject of discussion, gossip. The horoscope advises not to pay attention to envious people. Changes in the appearance of a lady will not go unnoticed by the opposite sex. Some "bunnies" will be frightened by the persistence of fans. However, the Water Tiger is monitoring the situation. Common sense will help you stay out of trouble. For ladies dreaming of marriage, the ruler of the year prepared a fateful meeting in the middle of summer. A casual acquaintance will develop into a passionate romance with a marriage proposal. Married representatives of the sign will feel how much the spouse appreciates their efforts to harmonize family life. Signs of attention from her husband will delight the Rabbit woman, give confidence.

2022 Elemental Horoscope for the Rabbit

The Chinese horoscope for the Rabbit for 2022 takes into account the element of the year of birth of the representatives of the sign. The Water Tiger interacts in different ways with the zodiac of other elements. Some Rabbits will harmoniously fit into the rhythm of the master’s life: they will receive help, support. Others will try to resist the intentions of the Tiger. Face difficulties, learn the lessons of the "predator". Still others, balancing between their own desires and the intentions of the owner of the year, will find the only correct solution to problems. Astrologers of the AstrologyK website will tell you the right ways to interact with the Water Tiger.

2022 Horoscope for Wood Rabbit

The 木 Wood Rabbit 🐇 will welcome 2022 with a bouquet of disappointments. Problems at work, uncertainty in personal relationships will deprive the feeling of a holiday, change. However, the black Water Tiger will give hope for a new life in February. The horoscope predicts — a business proposal will dispel doubts about your own professionalism. A friendly acquaintance will turn into a romantic relationship. By summer, representatives of the combination of the element and the sign will feel a surge of vitality, feel the need to create, to create. In the year of the Water Tiger, the Wood Rabbit will be determined in desires. He will see the direction of applying efforts for the benefit of his own well-being. The period is conducive to changing jobs, making business acquaintances, creating love relationships.

2022 Horoscope for Fire Rabbit

The 火 Fire Rabbit 🐇 in 2022 will have to slow down the rapid run through life. At the start of the cycle, business problems will arise. Perhaps the partners will let them down by abandoning the previously given promises. The horoscope warns — despair is inappropriate. It is recommended to take what is happening as a lesson, switch to other business options. In the love sphere, no changes are foreseen. Lonely people do not dare to change the situation. It is not so much the fear of relationships that interferes with the unwillingness to change the established way of life. Family representatives of the zodiac will live a period in harmony with a partner. Disagreements with the second half are not excluded. However, the horoscope sees no problems for relationships. Advises not to transfer work difficulties to the family.

2022 Horoscope for Earth Rabbit

The 土 Earth Rabbit 🐇 decides that the finest hour has come. The Tiger will show universal complacency from the first days of 2022. February is conducive to creative achievements. In March, the management will decide to reward past merits by offering the coveted position or paying a cash bonus. Summer is a period of romantic acquaintances and passionate romances. At the same time, the horoscope advises to remember the rule of the golden mean. Excessive passion for amorous affairs is fraught with trouble at work. Professional well-being requires active support. Having let things go by themselves, the Earth Rabbits risk being left behind. The horoscope recommends to deliberately alternate love passions with work. Then the Water Tiger will try so that the Earth wards do not experience disappointment.

2022 Horoscope for Metal Rabbit

The 金 Metal Rabbit 🐇 will enter 2022 with the feeling of a winner. Past efforts will allow you to spend the period enjoying your own merit. The Tiger does not mind — it will protect against unexpected shocks, help strengthen the well-being achieved. The truth will be wary of the wards’ desire to control others, like puppets. The horoscope warns — an excessive desire for power threatens to return to the status of an uncomplaining performer. Caring for those who help to live in prosperity is a sure way to preserve your own well-being for the next five years.

2022 Horoscope for Water Rabbit

The 水 Water Rabbit 🐇 in 2022 will be able to relax, go with the flow without fear of the negative consequences of inaction. The generous Tiger understands the fatigue of his wards, is ready to provide a respite. In April, the horoscope advises the Water Rabbit to go on a journey. In his personal life, changes are likely in the second half of the year. Lonely representatives of the combination will meet a close-minded partner. A stormy romance is not expected. However, the smooth course of the relationship will lead to understanding that loneliness is over. Family people will spend the year in harmony with the chosen one. Conflicts are unlikely. The other half will understand the aspirations of the satellite, support, help.

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