Chinese Horoscope 2022: Rooster

In the countries of the East, the day of the New Year does not depend on a specific date, it is traditionally determined by the position of the Moon ☽. According to the Chinese calendar ☯, the beginning of the celebration is timed to coincide with the new moon ☽ at the end of the full lunar cycle that took place after the winter solstice. In 2022, Chinese New Year kicks off on February 1st. The 水 Water element of the coming period calls the black 水 Water Tiger 🐅 to the stellar throne. The ruling animal is distinguished by the wisdom of views, measuredness in business, and benevolence. He will manage the life of the zodiac charges until January 21, 2023. Astrologers of the AstrologyK website will tell you what the horoscope will be for the Rooster 🐓 in the year of the Tiger.

Year of the Water Tiger for the Rooster

The Rooster horoscope 2022 foresees a time of finds and losses in the professional and creative spheres, delight and disappointments in personal life. However, you should not despair. By the end of the year of the Water Tiger, the Roosters will understand that the changes have gone for the good. Some failures will help spread their wings and take a start to new achievements. Others realize the futility of past aspirations, see the advantage of living outside the usual framework and imposed values. The horoscope does not advise representatives of the zodiac to rush into the attack for any reason. The habit of fighting for a place in the sun is not the best course of action right now. The Year of the Tiger is the time to think over plans, solve current problems, and determine life priorities.

Love and Family

The 2022 love horoscope for the Rooster does not bode well for dramatic changes. The exactingness of the representatives of the zodiac in a relationship with a partner will lead to the expected result. At the end of summer, a loved one will once again make claims, reproach him for inattention to his own person. The Rooster knows its flaws and ways to resolve conflicts with the chosen one. Therefore, a violent quarrel will end with a passionate reconciliation. Lonely representatives of the sign are unlikely to dare to change their status in the year of the water Tiger. It’s not about the lack of a suitable partner, but about the unwillingness to change the established order of life. The horoscope advises to reconsider views and pay attention to a person who has been around for a long time, helps and supports.

Job and Career

The business horoscope of the Rooster in the Year of the Tiger promises ups and downs. The beginning of 2022 will be marked by unexpected news. The vector of events directly depends on the past efforts of the "birds". Rushing to a career top through obstacles and setbacks, the Black Water Tiger will reward a higher position or offer of cooperation in a new field. Roosters who floated with the flow and ignored the demands of time and circumstances will probably have to look for another place to work. The horoscope sees this as an opportunity to revise the strategy of behavior and reach a new level of professional development. Mastering a specialty in demand on the labor market or discovering your own creative talents will give you not only knowledge, but also a chance to earn money.

Finance and Shopping

The financial horoscope 2022 for the Rooster foresees financial difficulties in the first half of the year. There may be delays in payments on loan obligations, or an unexpected need for a large sum of money. For example, making a down payment on the purchase of real estate on favorable terms. The horoscope calms down – the situation is temporary and will be resolved favorably. Roosters’ ability to mobilize in a critical situation will help out, and the Tiger will tell you a couple of quick money options. The second half of the year is good for the accumulation of personal capital. But the horoscope recommends refraining from spontaneous spending. The Rooster’s habit of buying goods at discounts and promotions is not the best tactic in the year of the Water Tiger.

Health and Relaxation

The 2022 health horoscope for the Rooster sees no reason to worry about those who lead a relatively healthy lifestyle. Proper nutrition and moderate physical activity will help to maintain vigorous health. If there is no opportunity to attend sports sections, it does not matter. Long walks will be just as beneficial as exercising on a treadmill. The horoscope warns Roosters who are prone to overeating, alcohol and other bad habits – a neglect of their body in the year of the Tiger is fraught with sad consequences. The stars are advised to give up pernicious tendencies. This will not only help restore health, but will also save a decent amount of money.

2022 Horoscope for the Rooster man

The Rooster man will meet 2022 on full alert. Not all plans "striped predator" will allow to come true. Representatives of the sign, confidently walking towards the goal, can count on luck. Those who prefer the role of an outside observer will sit in an "ambush" until the end of the year. The Water Tiger will support the creative endeavors of the men of the sign. Some will come up with very unexpected ideas. For example, open a children’s sports section or own cosmetics production. The horoscope encourages – the chances of success are great. The main thing is to study all aspects of the planned event without haste and enlist the support of trusted partners. In the fall, the stars recommend slowing down by taking a short vacation. Even a couple of weeks spent outside of the usual routine will help you recuperate and recharge your batteries.

In the year of the water Tiger, the personal life of the Rooster man will fade into the background. This does not mean that the representatives of the zodiac will spend the period of 2022 without attention from the fair sex. A star lord is not against romantic relationships and love experiences. However, the horoscope does not see serious changes in the life of bachelors. But married Roosters warns that the wife’s long-standing grievances in the year of the Tiger threaten with scandals and a showdown. Attention to memorable family dates and the needs of the chosen one will help prevent the storm.

2022 Horoscope for the Rooster woman

The Rooster woman will meet 2022 in anticipation of changes in the professional field. The planned prospects are unlikely to become a reality. However, there is a chance to get what you want. The horoscope advises not to languish, hypnotizing the phone, but to act decisively. There is nothing shameful to remind a potential employer of yourself or send a resume to other organizations. The Water Tiger will not leave extravagant charges without a livelihood. But she will not help those who complain about life and who are always dissatisfied. The year is favorable for the implementation of creative plans, and the Rooster woman has a lot of them.

In the first half of 2022, the ladies of the sign will want love and romance. Small financial difficulties will not be an obstacle to creating a new image. The horoscope calls for prudence, at least until the stability of income is in doubt. At the beginning of summer, the Tiger prepared a romantic acquaintance with a man several years younger for the lonely ladies of Roosters. Despite the difference in age, the horoscope foresees mutual understanding and tender, sincere feelings for each other. Therefore, she advises women of the sign to drop doubts and enjoy relationships.

2022 Elemental Horoscope for the Rooster

The Chinese horoscope 2022 for the Rooster adjusts the overall forecast depending on the elements of the year of birth of the zodiac representatives. The Black Water Tiger interacts in different ways with the wards of this or that element. Some will be pampered with benevolence and regal support, helping in business and taking care of mental and material balance. Others will decide to teach how to live according to their own rules, arranging tests for strength and observing how subordinates cope with tasks. Astrologers of the site will help you find out the intentions and character of the lord of the zodiac, suggest an algorithm for cooperation with the "striped owner".

2022 Horoscope for Wood Rooster

The 木 Wood Rooster 🐓 has nothing to worry about. From the first days of 2022, the representatives of the combination will adopt the rules of the Water Tiger. The year is successful for professional development and creative achievements. This is especially true for athletes, public figures, representatives of the education sector. At the end of autumn, the sovereign prepared good news for the Wood Roosters, who have long dreamed of heirs. The horoscope promises good health and a positive mood for the entire coming period. It is best to plan your vacation in the spring or fall months. But in the summer it is recommended to work hard – this is a good time to start new projects and implement your plans.

2022 Horoscope for Fire Rooster

The 火 Fire Rooster 🐓 at the start of 2022 will refuse to play according to the rules of the owner of the year, which will displease the black water Tiger. For example, an attempt by all means to get a coveted position will end in dismissal from work. The horoscope advises you to act rationally, eliminating the advantages of competitors not by gossip and intrigue, but by raising your own professional level. Family Fire Roosters will face an unpleasant situation associated with the speculation of relatives or friends. The horoscope recommends not to trust the gossip, throwing accusations against the other half, but to think: what are the goals pursued by the "well-wisher"?

2022 Horoscope for Earth Rooster

The 土 Earth Rooster 🐓 in the year of the water Tiger will have to make the final choice in a love relationship. The partner is tired of uncertainty and will demand a decision in the spring. Therefore, in 2022, some representatives of the zodiac will have a happy marriage, others – a break in relations. The horoscope predicts that the first option is favorable if the union is built on sincere feelings without taking into account the financial situation of the participants. The financial position of Earth Roosters is stable. Health does not cause concern. Autumn is a time of travel, entertainment, meetings with old friends.

2022 Horoscope for Metal Rooster

The 金 Metal Rooster 🐓 will face financial difficulties in early 2022. The horoscope advises you to ask your friends for help. By the summer, the situation is back to normal. The year of the Water Tiger is favorable for changing jobs, if this was included in the plans of the representatives of the combination. But the horoscope warns against spontaneous decisions. Before showing character, the stars are advised to listen to the opinion of the opponent. Maybe he’s not so wrong? At the end of summer, the Tiger decides to please the Metal Rooster – organizes a pleasant acquaintance with an interesting representative of the opposite sex. The romance that broke out promises pleasant communication, tender passion and the prospect of marriage.

2022 Horoscope for Water Rooster

The 水 Water Rooster 🐓 will spend 2022 in harmony with the people around him and the world. The plans conceived in the past period will come true. In the spring there will be a chance to move up the career ladder. The horoscope advises to agree, despite the apparent lack of experience. The Water Tiger will help keep you afloat. And in the fall, there will be an opportunity to improve qualifications on the job. The financial situation is expected to improve by the end of the period. In the personal life of Water Roosters, the horoscope predicts positive changes. Some representatives of the zodiac will marry, others are waiting for the replenishment of the family.

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