Chinese Horoscope 2023: Rooster

In the Eastern tradition, there is no exact date for the beginning of the year, since the Chinese calendar ☯ is based on the position of the Moon ☽ at a certain point in time. Each new period begins after the winter solstice, when the satellite of the Earth, having completed a full cycle, begins the next phase of movement. According to the Chinese calendar, 2023 starts on January 22. His patron is the Black 水 Water Rabbit 🐇, who is famous for his friendly character, love for loved ones, the ability to resolve conflicts and reconcile even the most stubborn rivals. The horoscope advises until February 9, 2024 to use the beneficial influence of the star guardian and make your life better. What should Roosters 🐓 expect from a Rabbit? Will the representatives of the sign make their dreams and plans come true? Answers at

Rabbit Horoscope 2023

Year of the Water Rabbit for the Rooster

The Chinese horoscope 2023 for the Rooster advises you to prepare for revolutionary events in your personal life. The Rabbit 🐇 will make people of the sign rethink their feelings for relatives, change their views on marital relations and raising children. However, all experiences will benefit the earthly wards, help them cope with long-standing problems and become better. In the labor sphere, the horoscope promises, though not fast, but steady progress. Roosters will be able to travel more, meet new people, develop business ties. Great erudition and charm will make them welcome guests in any society. At the same time, the Rabbit warns: do not take on too many obligations and promise more than you actually fulfill.

Love and Family

In March, representatives of the sign will feel that something is going wrong in a relationship with a partner. The love horoscope 2023 for the Rooster recommends not looking for the guilty, but assessing your role in negative changes. Perhaps the second half simply does not have enough attention, or both should go on vacation. At this time, free people of the sign will in every possible way look for new acquaintances. Meanwhile, the star patron assures that great love is nearby, and you just have to look closely to see it. Roosters who start an affair or get married in the year of the Rabbit will be very happy and will never regret their choice later. If the feelings have disappeared, there is no need to continue the painful relationship only out of a sense of duty.

In the summer, the horoscope of the Rooster for the year of the Rabbit prophesies heated battles with delusions, in which representatives of the sign will win. Unfortunately, some people will spoil the vacation with showdowns, but the result will be worth it. Long-standing conflicts and misunderstandings will go away, making room for sincere warm feelings. The horoscope advises not to withdraw into oneself and not to accumulate resentment, otherwise the relationship will not be able to develop. In the fall of 2023, the Rabbit will put people of the sign before a choice: continue to love unrequitedly, sacrifice their interests, or seek and build an alliance of equal partners. Lonely Roosters are waiting for exciting meetings, but it is important not to make a mistake here: relationships with unemployed romantic natures are unlikely to be successful.

Job and Career

The beginning of 2023 will be busy for the Roosters. The career horoscope predicts a number of minor troubles that you have to spend precious time on. Sign people will have to delegate some responsibilities or look for assistants, but without strict control, the results will not be the best. Closer to summer, multitasking will test the patience and nervous system of the Roosters. After this, the representatives of the sign will have a wonderful rest, which will allow them to restore their strength and health. However, in the year of the Rabbit, you should not be lazy. On vacation, the royal patron advises to study, learn useful skills, and establish business ties. The horoscope recommends putting things in order in accounting reports and other documentation.

Autumn is the right time to implement business plans. The 2023 career horoscope for the Rooster recommends seeking a promotion or looking for a new job. Probably, people of the sign will be offered more responsible tasks and increased rewards. Some will leave their official position and start working in a commercial project. Rabbit assures that Roosters will succeed in any area if they do not take on everything at once. In October, the horoscope strongly advises to be careful: unscrupulous partners can disrupt a promising deal, and then blame the representatives of the sign for the failure. At the end of the year of the Rabbit, pleasant surprises are possible: promotion, work in a new structure or a foreign company, the opportunity to start a business.

Finance and Shopping

The financial situation during the reign of the Rabbit is expected to be stable. However, the Rooster money horoscope 2023 recommends controlling the budget balance, not borrowing unnecessarily and not lending large amounts. There is a possibility that the funds will not be returned, or you will have to pay high interest. In the spring, people of the sign should not count on an increase in income, and it is better to keep free money in a bank account. The horoscope recommends using them in the summer to improve your health, improve your skills, have a good rest with your family or go on a long trip. Perhaps in the year of the Rabbit, representatives of the sign will decide to buy a car or make repairs in the house.

Closer to autumn, the financial horoscope 2023 for the Rooster sees good opportunities to earn extra money. Perhaps already in September, passive income will be received by people of the sign, who took on additional projects in the summer. Some will be offered a more lucrative position, but Rabbit advises to see if she takes all the free time. Good luck will not bypass qualified specialists: they will be able to additionally work as freelancers or consultants. The horoscope recommends that Roosters communicate more with representatives of their profession, talk about themselves, and look for new acquaintances. In the year of the Rabbit, thanks to connections, representatives of the sign will discover great opportunities for themselves, including financial ones.

Health and Relaxation

The health horoscope 2023 of the Rooster does not see big troubles with well-being. Meanwhile, people of the sign need to work hard to keep the body and spirit in an active state. Rabbit advises not to brush aside colds and treat viral diseases in time, as well as control pressure. In the spring, a lack of vitamins and hard work can worsen the state of the immune system, exacerbate chronic diseases. In this case, Petukhov will save the correct daily routine and good sleep. It will be equally useful to give up fried foods and sweets for a while. The horoscope recommends not forgetting about sports, doing exercises and walking more often. It is useful for representatives of the sign to relax in nature and spend more time outside the city.

In summer, the wards of the sign can get poisoned or experience severe allergies. The health horoscope 2023 for the Rooster strongly advises those who spend holidays in exotic countries to be careful. In August, intense work and household chores will lead to overwork. Of course, in such a situation, not everyone will be able to relax normally, so Rabbit advises not to take on unnecessary responsibilities. In the first half of autumn, people of the sign can successfully introduce good habits. For example, optimize the diet and lose a few pounds, learn to go to bed earlier, do exercises in the morning. The horoscope assures that the Roosters will like their cheerful mood, and even more – the reflection in the mirror.

2023 Horoscope for the Rooster man

The Roosters men in the year of the Rabbit will show maximum creative abilities. The 2023 horoscope sees many areas where the representatives of the sign will have to change something. In career matters, it is important to develop business skills, learn how to effectively negotiate and improve skills. Only a few will be able to work effectively without introducing new methods and technologies into labor processes. Rabbit advises getting rid of outdated schemes and standard ways of solving problems. Fortunately, curious Roosters can do this if they do everything gradually. The horoscope assures that by the end of spring the first results will appear, as people of the sign will begin to successfully bypass competitors, strengthen business status and expand spheres of influence.

In personal life, the Rooster horoscope in the year of the Rabbit prophesies no less success. Free men will come to the conclusion that it is time to end the bachelor life. It will not be difficult for interesting and bright representatives of the sign to find a partner and even have time to get married. Couples in a relationship can survive a family crisis, but come out of it more united, confident in each other's feelings. Roosters, despite being very busy, will improve living conditions and the quality of their lives. They will be able to travel a lot, expand their horizons, and also make new friends. The horoscope 2023 says that many men will say goodbye to boring work and dive into what they love. It turns out that a hobby also brings considerable income and status in society.

2023 Horoscope for the Rooster woman

For women, the year of the Rabbit will seem emotionally tense, but will bring a lot of positive. Foremost, ladies will determine their feelings for a partner and take action to save or break the union. A sober analysis of the situation will relieve mental anguish and give hope for the best. The Rooster horoscope predicts a good time for marriage, having children, buying a house or moving far away. Rabbit does not exclude marriage proposals from a foreigner. Disappointed in love, they will meet a reliable person and, perhaps, begin a new romance before the end of 2023. The main thing is to learn to trust again, and not to wait for a catch at every turn. Then life will be filled with bright feelings and gratitude to fate for such a gift.

Career growth in 2023 is possible through professionalism and perseverance. A loyal attitude to the leadership of women will not achieve special preferences in the service. For a place in the sun, you will have to withstand the onset of competitors, but beautiful ladies are quite capable of this. The horoscope assures that consistency and consistency in work will give excellent results. Representatives of the sign by the end of the year of the Rabbit will be able to manage a round sum of money, some of which will be spent on the desired pleasures. Perhaps some will start their own business or become co-owners of an already operating business. The Rooster horoscope 2023 advises women to act decisively, but not thoughtlessly, and remember: the best solution is in the middle between extreme options.

2023 Elemental Horoscope for the Rooster

The horoscope for the Rooster advises representatives of different elements to take into account the character of the Rabbit when drawing up an annual plan. The star guardian helps everyone, finding a different approach to each representative of the sign. To some he will give great love and relieve loneliness, to others he will send a wise mentor for an inquisitive young mind. Perhaps someone lacks determination, while the other, like Don Quixote, rushes to injustice and constantly finds trouble. In any case, the Chinese horoscope 2023 for the Rooster reminds that the Rabbit will generously endow persistent, hardworking individuals, patient and responsive in relationships with loved ones. At the same time, dodgy cunning, lazy people and too carefree natures should not expect blessings from a heavenly benefactor.

2023 Horoscope for Wood Rooster

The 木 Wood Rooster 🐓 in the year of the Rabbit is waiting for many promising opportunities. Representatives of the elements have achieved a lot in the financial sector, and are also successfully starting in activities related to IT and high technologies. They will have to work on relationships, but even here the results will not be late. The 2023 horoscope advises not to take on many tasks at once, and also to prioritize the well-being of the family. People of the sign must definitely resolve conflicts with relatives, especially property disputes. The rabbit reminds that time is the most valuable resource, it should be spent rationally and profitably. It is equally important to monitor the state of health and not tempt fate by doing extreme sports.

2023 Horoscope for Fire Rooster

The 火 Fire Rooster 🐓 in 2023 should be extremely careful when signing important contracts or financial documents. Before making decisions, the horoscope recommends that you always listen to the opinions of colleagues or relatives. Thanks to their great energy and organizational skills, the wards of the fire element will occupy a high position and achieve great results in business. However, authoritarian tendencies will lead to deep family conflicts. Here the Rabbit advises not to dictate your terms to the household – all disagreements are resolved by a confidential conversation, besides, sometimes you can simply give in to dear people. The Rooster 2023 horoscope assures that representatives of the sign can become successful in social activities or politics.

2023 Horoscope for Earth Rooster

The year of the Rabbit will bring the desired peace to the 土 Earth Rooster 🐓. Wards of the elements will find solutions to unpleasant hardships that have long undermined their vital energy. The horoscope assures that insightful hardworking natures will say goodbye to their unloved work and will do what they have long been attracted to. Perhaps in the first half of 2023, revenues will fall, but then they will begin to grow steadily. In personal life, the Rooster horoscope predicts a number of surprises. Some will have an unscheduled replenishment of the family, while others will have a new love and move to another city or country. Reasonable people of the sign may not immediately accept their emotions, but the Rabbit advises to listen to intuition and not discard hidden desires. Perhaps this will bring back the forgotten feeling of happiness.

2023 Horoscope for Metal Rooster

In 2023, AstrologyK site experts advise the 金 Metal Rooster 🐓 to listen to the voice of intuition and the advice of loved ones more often, and also not to ignore the surrounding changes. Then diligence and purposefulness will bring tangible business results, open career prospects. Despite various difficulties, the financial well-being of the wards of the elements will improve significantly. In personal life, you will have to constantly look for compromises, which is quite difficult for self-confident natures. The Rooster horoscope in the year of the Rabbit prophesies a new love for the lonely. Perhaps some will struggle to deny feelings, because of which the relationship will not be able to develop normally for some time.

2023 Horoscope for Water Rooster

For the 水 Water Rooster 🐓 in 2023, fate will open any door: from an unthinkable career take-off to a huge love passion. Self-confident, energetic people of the sign will charm anyone with inner strength and breadth of views. However, the horoscope assures that without persistent work and a detailed plan for achieving goals, it is better not to rely on luck. Selfish natures can ignore the voice of intuition, do not listen to advice, and this is fraught with unpleasant mistakes in any business. The Year of the Rabbit will bring good luck to people involved in the creative or social fields. With finances, the Rooster horoscope recommends being careful, since even very decent amounts may not be enough for frivolous representatives of the elements.

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