Yesterday Chinese Horoscope

Monday, May 29: Follow the advice of the ancient sages, do not show anger and aggression on the Pig day. If on Monday you can properly build relationships, the whole week will be calm. Be positive, do not interfere in disputes and conflicts — so you can maintain spiritual harmony. In terms of personal relationships, the Chinese horoscope today advises not to exaggerate their experiences. Influenced by the Yin-Fire, you can be especially intolerant of the shortcomings of your partner, you should not disrupt your bad mood on it. Overeating is unhealthy, do not forget about your figure. The Snake hour does not encourage excesses in anything, including food. To stay in good shape, you need to focus on foods rich in vitamins and minerals. If your business is stalled, engage in self-improvement. Develop your abilities, the Chinese horoscope reminds: to study is like swimming against the tide: stopped — you were carried back.

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