Yesterday Chinese Horoscope

Saturday, August 13: Traditionally, the Dog day is attributed to a special, warm, soulful atmosphere. It is believed that the patronage of this animal helps to achieve mutual understanding between people. Try not to dismiss the requests of others on Saturday. Be honest and fair, follow the call of your heart. The Chinese horoscope for today advises you to pay more attention to the desires of your partner. The influence of the elements of Yang-Earth makes people more empathetic and caring towards each other. Do not miss the opportunity to surprise your loved one with a pleasant surprise. On a 17 lunar day, losing control is very easy. The element of the Earth is associated with the spleen, its imbalance causes a feeling of depression and disappointment. The practice of grounding will greatly benefit. If you want to strengthen your position in business circles, follow the recommendations of the Chinese horoscope: great things start small. Invest in yourself, take advanced training courses.

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