Dog Yesterday Chinese Horoscope

Saturday, August 6: It’s time to clean up your life. The day, under the control of the Rabbit sign, favors purposeful people. On Saturday, you can plan your future. If you can determine your goals, success is guaranteed. If you are not sure about your feelings, do not break the relationship. The Yin-Metal element will give your character softness and flexibility. Try to see your relationship in a new light. The Chinese horoscope for Dog today does not exclude that the situation will change for the better soon. On the 9th lunar day, it is important to observe moderation in food, to cleanse the body. An imbalance of Metal energy causes intestinal cramps. Refuse meat, give preference to cereals from whole cereals. Do not focus on material wealth, develop your best qualities. The Chinese horoscope reminds: a good person will never become poor. Happiness does not depend on the level of financial well-being.

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