Dog Yesterday Chinese Horoscope

Thursday, January 20: According to the Chinese calendar, the Rooster day is good for career growth. On Thursday, you should focus on work: any goals are achievable. Do not doubt your abilities, you are able to withstand the high pace set by the animal patron of this day. Believe in your personal happiness, no matter what. The Chinese horoscope for Dog today promises harmony in relationships. The energy of Yin-Water will help you cope with inner experiences. Do not cloud your life with unnecessary suspicions; a loved one will not disappoint your expectations. Take longer walks in the fresh air to strengthen immunity. The Pig hour is intended for leisurely work that brings moral satisfaction. During long walks, do qigong exercises. In your professional activity you have reached certain heights, but do not rush to rest on your laurels. Refrain from enthusiastic assessments, the Chinese horoscope warns: an empty spike stretches up.

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