Dog Yesterday Chinese Horoscope

Tuesday, November 29: Be attentive to your surroundings. According to the Chinese calendar, the Dog day is characterized by an atmosphere of universal understanding. On Tuesday, you can build relationships with friends and colleagues. Be generous — take the first step to reconciliation. Personal life promises to be rich. Yang-Fire energy will add some zest to your relationship. The Chinese horoscope for Dog today advises to fully surrender to his feelings. Do not be afraid to openly express your desires, boldly rush into the whirlpool of passion. Diseases will pass by if you exercise regularly. The Rabbit hour is favorable for the prevention of cardiovascular disease. Yoga classes help improve blood circulation and normalize blood pressure. Control your words and do not talk too much if you do not want to get into an awkward situation. Sometimes silence is more expressive than any speeches, the Chinese horoscope warns: verbosity is not wisdom.

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