Dragon Yesterday Chinese Horoscope

Friday, May 20: Traditionally, the Rooster day promises joy, fun and loud entertainment. Nothing bad will happen if you leave work early on Friday. Try to communicate with people as much as possible. Immediacy, positive mood — your main trump cards. If you are not sure about your feelings, set aside a serious conversation. The changeable energy of Yin-Water does not promise stability in personal life. The Chinese horoscope for the Dragon today calls for endurance. Do not risk relationships, wait out this moment. Do not forget about proper nutrition if you value your health. The Dog hour requires discipline and responsibility. Do not abuse flour and sweet, drink a decoction of mint to relieve the feeling of hunger. Always forgive enemies and ill-wishers, do not let anger ruin your life. The Chinese horoscope warns: revenge is a double-edged sword; when you destroy the enemy, you destroy your soul.

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