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Friday, May 14: Today, pleasant meetings and new acquaintances are possible. According to the ideas of the ancient sages, the Dog day is ideal for communication. On Friday, you don’t have to look for ways to attract attention. Just be honest, enjoy what is happening. The impact of the elements of Yang-Water will help you achieve reciprocity in love. The Chinese horoscope for the Dragon today calls you for sincerity and frankness. Charm your loved one, do not leave him a single chance to resist you. Do not forget about proper nutrition if you value your health. The Dog hour requires discipline and responsibility. Do not abuse flour and sweet, drink a decoction of mint to relieve the feeling of hunger. If it is difficult for you to resist the onslaught of circumstances, console yourself with the fact that everything in life is for the better. The acquired knowledge and skills are priceless; the Chinese horoscope reminds: one good experience is worth seven teachings.

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