Dragon Yesterday Chinese Horoscope

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Friday, September 17: Today, strong will, perseverance and resilience are in priority. The day, under the control of the Dragon sign, does not forgive indecision and spiritual weakness. On Friday, you will certainly achieve their own, if you do not give in to the difficulties. Perhaps you should pay attention to relationships within the family. The calm energy of the Yang-Earth does not tolerate fuss and unnecessary movements. The Chinese horoscope for the Dragon today is preparing positive changes. Relations with children, parents can reach a new level. In the evening, do not allow excesses in food, digestive problems are likely. At Dog hour, the body needs rest. It is recommended to adhere to a sparing diet: more fiber and as little meat food as possible. In terms of work, everything is not so clear. If you have any difficulties, do not neglect the help of colleagues. The Chinese horoscope reminds: you cannot build a house on one log. Improve your communication skills.

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