Goat Yesterday Chinese Horoscope

Tuesday, February 7: Now you better concentrate on your work. The Monkey day does not promise tranquility and regularity. On Tuesday, you must make an important decision for yourself: follow your plans, no matter what. Otherwise, the consequences of this day will be the most deplorable. If you seriously set out to take the place of the leader in the family, the Chinese horoscope for Goat today promises success in this field. The unrestrained energy of Yang-Fire sweeps away all the obstacles on the way. You will be able to approve your position, but do not forget about the interests of the rest of the family. On the seventeenth lunar day, it is worth revising the diet. Fire deficiency causes bowel disease. To replenish energy, it is useful to use dairy products, vegetable leaves, nuts, and legumes. A wide circle of acquaintances will help your professional development and career growth. According to the Chinese horoscope: teeth are cold without lips. Only by observing common interests can you strengthen your position.

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