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Friday, September 17: Favorable time for career growth. The ancient sages believed that the Dragon day attracted luck and wealth. On Friday, you will manage to fulfill their long-held desires. However, do not count on an easy victory, only hard work will lead you to the intended goal. Be sensitive in heart matters. Yang-Earth energy suggests a serious, conservative approach to life. If you do not learn to give in the little things, the Chinese horoscope for the Goat today does not exclude the complication of family relations. On the twelfth lunar day, any energetic and spiritual practices are favorable. When the circulation of the Earth energy is disturbed, interest in life decreases. Qigong exercises will help get rid of oppressive thoughts. Control your finances, take care of the airbag. The Chinese horoscope claims: a smart bee does not collect honey from fallen flowers. Think ahead to not be in debt.

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