Horse Yesterday Chinese Horoscope

Sunday, January 29: Favorable time for rest, meetings with friends and acquaintances. The ancient sages believed that the Pig day has a relationship of trust. On Sunday, you will be able to restore old acquaintances, further strengthen friendly ties. Surrounding with the hunt will meet you. If in doubt, restrain your possessive instincts. The Chinese horoscope for the Horse today does not exclude a crisis of personal relationships. The impulsive energy of Yin-Fire can push you towards the wrong choice. Do not poison your life with jealousy and suspicion. Relaxing treatments will benefit you. The Dog hour protects from all anxieties and unrest, nothing bothers or distracts. If blood circulation is disturbed, dry skin is observed, make a honey massage. Take the time to choose a solution, first consider all the options by weighing the arguments “pros” and “cons”. The Chinese horoscope advises: when you go on a long journey, find out the way; if you come to a new place — find out the custom.

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