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Friday, May 14: It’s time to prove your integrity. The Dog day involves a responsible attitude to business: duty and honor above all else. If on Friday you show weakness and do not bring the matter to the end, serious trouble can not be avoided. Be persistent and decisive — your efforts will not be in vain. Refer to the experience of the older generation if you have difficulty communicating with children. Yang-Water energy will help you maintain your parental authority. However, the support of loved ones will be very helpful. The Chinese horoscope for the Horse today promises to strengthen family ties. Rapid weight loss can lead to negative consequences. The Dragon hour is filled with rainbow dreams and illusions, not all of them are destined to come true. Just refuse fatty foods, add more vegetables to the diet. The ability to correctly plan your budget will give the desired results. You can avoid financial losses if you learn to calculate possible risks. The Chinese horoscope assures: he who knows the measure will not be disgraced.

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