Horse Yesterday Chinese Horoscope

Sunday, May 22: It’s time to enjoy a well-deserved rest. The day, under the management of the Pig sign, is intended for fun and emotional communication. Collect on Sunday close people at the same table, arrange them and yourself a small holiday. In family relationships, harmony will prevail. The influence of the elements of the Yin-Wood will help to cope with jealousy and suspicion. Be sure of your partner, the Chinese horoscope for the Horse for today sees no reason for alarm. Learn to appreciate what you have. There is a possibility of food poisoning, refuse a late dinner. The Rat hour requires strict order, you can not violate the diet. Acupressure will help dull the feeling of hunger and speed up the metabolism. Try to be as close to people as possible, try to put yourself in their place. Do not poison life with vain unrest, the Chinese horoscope warns: to offend the other is trouble, to forgive the other is happiness.

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