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Tuesday, August 3: According to the Chinese calendar, the Goat day implies a rapid development of events. On Tuesday, any of your extravagant actions will be perceived with understanding. Behave yourself naturally, communicate and have fun — a little whimsy does not hurt. If personal life does not please you, the Chinese horoscope for Monkey today advises not to panic prematurely. Energy of Yin-Water can increase your doubts about yourself and your loved one. Do not dive into the experience, your personal problems are contrived. Follow the principles of proper nutrition to avoid digestive problems. The Rooster hour fills life with vivacity and excitement. Eat foods that contain thiamine and calcium to strengthen bone. If you are interested in professional success and career growth, watch your reputation. Do not let competitors defame your name. The Chinese horoscope reminds: a person needs a face, a tree needs a bark.

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