Monkey Yesterday Chinese Horoscope

Saturday, December 3: According to the Chinese calendar, the Tiger day is associated with accumulations and the completion of affairs. Dedicate the Sabbath, if not the most pleasant, but extremely necessary occupation — cleaning. Try to bring your thoughts and home in order: your life will change for the better. Do not seek changes in your personal life. Innovations may not be so positive. Yang-Metal energy does not have to tenderness and gentleness in a relationship. The Chinese horoscope for Monkey today does not exclude quarrels in the family. Before going to bed, limit yourself to eating. The Rat hour is intended for intellectual activity, and not for idleness and gluttony. To develop attention span, use inverted asanas. Do not put material achievements at the forefront; there are more important things in life. The Chinese horoscope claims: it’s easy to go over the bridge, it’s hard to move on one log. Gain knowledge, gain experience.

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