Ox Yesterday Chinese Horoscope

Monday, June 27: According to the Chinese calendar, the Pig day is for enjoyment. On Monday you can do whatever you want. Find time for little pleasures: arrange a family holiday or go shopping. Enjoy life in all its manifestations. Do not start a new relationship if you do not have deep sympathy. The Yin-Metal element will help you to attract the attention of the opposite sex. However, the Chinese horoscope for the Ox for today advises you not to rush to the choice of a partner. Do not abuse diets to lose weight. The Goat hour awakens optimism, the desire to enjoy life. A balanced diet with a predominance of plant foods will help to keep fit. In professional terms, one should expect a lift, but you will have to work hard. By diligence, you will achieve great results, according to the Chinese horoscope: without fire, brushwood will not light up. Believe in your strength.

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