Ox Yesterday Chinese Horoscope

Thursday, June 1: According to the Chinese calendar, the Tiger day promises fulfillment of desires. Most likely, on Thursday luck will smile at you, but do not rush to celebrate the victory. Chances are that others will not like your defiant behavior, be more modest. As for the romantic relationship, the Chinese horoscope for the Ox for today advises you to become a little more sentimental. Yang-Metal energy can cool your passion. Try to contain your disappointment, arrange a date for your loved one. If you feel unwell, do not self-medicate. The Goat hour is selfish and changeable, do not ignore disturbing symptoms. For preventive purposes, start taking vitamins, plan a visit to the doctor. Do not make adventurous plans if you do not want to be in a quandary. Break the habit of spending money thoughtlessly, follow the advice of the Chinese horoscope: rich is the one who knows everything in all measure.

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