Pig Yesterday Chinese Horoscope

Friday, May 20: Traditionally, the Rooster day promises joy, fun and loud entertainment. Nothing bad will happen if you leave work early on Friday. Try to communicate with people as much as possible. Immediacy, positive mood — your main trump cards. Possible crisis of personal relationships. The momentary and frivolous impulses inherent in the Yin-Water element, can significantly complicate the situation. Chinese horoscope for Pig today advises to keep suspicions. Show will and character, do not let emotions prevail. In the evening, take time for yourself and your health. The Pig hour tunes in a good-natured manner, everything around is disposed to appeasement. Use herbal masks and wraps to restore the beauty of hair and skin. If you have lost support, become more open to friendship. According to the Chinese horoscope: when your ears are closed, you will not recognize others’ grief. Follow your heart — and you will feel that life is getting better.

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