Pig Yesterday Chinese Horoscope

Sunday, March 19: Traditionally, high hopes were pinned on the Rat day. The ancient sages believed that the excellent intuition of this animal would help avoid failures. Try not to make sudden movements on Sunday. Spend time thinking, do not rush to conclusions. If you keep returning to old problems, try to break the vicious cycle. The Chinese horoscope for Pig today recommends refreshing feelings. The bright, positive energy of Yang-Fire will give you enthusiasm. Breathe new life into established relationships. The twenty-eighth lunar day pacifies internal contradictions. The element of Fire is associated with the heart and blood vessels, its excess leads to the development of neurosis. Overcoming troubles will help to overcome meditation before going to bed. Sometimes you should show indulgence and close your eyes to trifles. The Chinese horoscope claims: beautiful jasper does not need a frame. Do not try to seem better; you cannot please everyone and everyone.

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