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Friday, May 14: Today, pleasant meetings and new acquaintances are possible. According to the ideas of the ancient sages, the Dog day is ideal for communication. On Friday, you don’t have to look for ways to attract attention. Just be honest, enjoy what is happening. Wait, that relations will be adjusted by themselves, do not have to. Yang-Water energy will help find a way out of the most hopeless situation. The Chinese horoscope for Pig today advises to find any reason for reconciliation. You must show your diplomatic talents. Properly selected diet will help to establish digestion. The peace-loving energy of the Rabbit hour inspires confidence, I want to believe in the best. Eat fractionally, legumes and greens should be present in the diet. In the most difficult moments of life, do not lose faith in yourself. If the temptation to submit to the will of fate is too great, take the advice of the Chinese horoscope: you can wash away the dirt from your face, you can’t wash away the dirt from your heart.

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