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Tuesday, August 3: According to the Chinese calendar, the Goat day implies a rapid development of events. On Tuesday, any of your extravagant actions will be perceived with understanding. Behave yourself naturally, communicate and have fun — a little whimsy does not hurt. If you do not trust your partner, hide your doubts. The influence of the elements of Yin-Water will help you withstand any shock. The Chinese horoscope for Rabbit for today advises you to direct all efforts towards the preservation of marriage. Be ready to make sacrifices for the sake of your love. On the twenty-fifth lunar day, it is useful to perform exercises for relaxation and stress relief. Imbalance of the elements of Water leads to bone diseases. Practice Prithvi Mudra while meditating. As for mood, a lot depends on you own. Try to completely change your image to look your best. The Chinese horoscope says: even a thick rope begins to rot with a single thread.

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