Rabbit Yesterday Chinese Horoscope

Sunday, November 28: Spend a day in harmony with yourself. The day, under the control of the Dragon sign, does not tolerate conventions and strict rules. On Sunday, you do not have to limit yourself to desires: everything is for the benefit and necessarily for the better. Do not deprive yourself of freedom of choice, live in pleasure. Pay attention to your parents. The Chinese horoscope for Rabbit today advises you to collect family council. The effect of Yang-Metal will add special weight and meaning to your words. You will be able to rally around all relatives if you show your leadership skills. Under attack, the cardiovascular system and respiratory system. The Dog hour is not intended for active sports. Take a walk before bedtime, use the abdominal breathing technique to improve blood circulation. The more you can offer people, the higher the value of the relationship. If you are not ready to give up your interests, take the advice of the Chinese horoscope: friendship built on profit is not lasting.

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