Rabbit Yesterday Chinese Horoscope

Wednesday, February 8: Favorable time to communicate with colleagues and friends. On the day under the Rooster sign, in the first place feelings and emotions, not material wealth. On Wednesday, your spiritual qualities will be appreciated. Do not fuss, enjoy communication with people dear to your heart. If you cannot understand your partner, step back. The energy of Yin-Fire is able to awaken not the best qualities in you. The Chinese horoscope for Rabbit advises today to temper his temper. Your impulsiveness can lead to significant problems. Against the background of a decrease in immunity, chronic ailments may worsen. The Rooster hour is able to deceive expectations, do not overestimate your strength. For general healing of the body, take a course of acupuncture treatment. Do not grumble at fate if you have not yet managed to get what you want. Refrain from the intention to outwit the circumstances, heed the advice of the Chinese horoscope: only a stupid dog chases a flying bird.

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