Rat Yesterday Chinese Horoscope

Friday, March 24: According to the ideas of the ancient sages, the Snake day is filled with the energy of compassion and goodness. On Friday, you do not have to complain about the injustice of fate. Be friendly, help people — and the response will not take long. To restore harmony you need a change of image. The energy of Yin-Metal enhances craving for everything beautiful. The Chinese horoscope for the Rat today offers to look at a beauty salon or refresh your wardrobe. The update will improve your mood. Change your diet, eliminate harmful fats from it. The Horse hour requires the utmost concentration, you will need maximum strength. To maintain vitality, eat foods that contain vitamin C. As for raising a child, become a kind mentor to him. Parental egoism can lead to sad consequences, the Chinese horoscope advises: water can carry a boat, or it can turn it over.

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