Rat Yesterday Chinese Horoscope

Friday, November 25: Good time to socialize and strengthen friendships. According to the ideas of the Chinese sages, the Horse day gives emotional coloring to any events. On Friday, new meetings and pleasant acquaintances are likely: people will be drawn to you like a magnet. The Chinese horoscope for the Rat is extremely frank for today: fervent declarations of love are waiting for you. The energy of Yang-Water is so impulsive and unrestrained that few people can resist your charm. You can not doubt their own irresistible. If you have problems with digestion, follow the rules of a healthy diet. The Rabbit hour is soft and supple, its strength in compliance. Do not give up a hearty breakfast, eat foods rich in calcium. If you encounter condemnation, do not let the critics ruin your life. It is impossible to please everyone around, so the Chinese horoscope advises: if you stand straight — do not worry that your shadow is crooked.

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