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Friday, September 17: The Dragon day is rich in vibrant and unpredictable events. On Friday, you can achieve a lot: you just have to be in the right place at the right time — and success is guaranteed. True, do not be surprised if something does not go according to plan, you can not expect constancy from the Dragon. In matters of a personal nature, success is expected if you show restraint. The Chinese horoscope for the Rooster today does not exclude conflicts on the basis of jealousy. The Yang-Earth element peculiar to a reasonable approach to life. Do not pay attention to flirting and indefatigable coquetry of your partner. In the evening, do not allow excesses in food, digestive problems are likely. At Dog hour, the body needs rest. It is recommended to adhere to a sparing diet: more fiber and as little meat food as possible. Praise yourself more often; no one can be perfect. If you are prone to excessive self-criticism, listen to the advice of the Chinese horoscope: it is difficult to live without faith in yourself. Stop practicing self-criticism.

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