Rooster Yesterday Chinese Horoscope

Tuesday, October 3: According to the Chinese calendar, the Horse day promises unforeseen events. On Tuesday, you can not wait for the most pleasant surprises, but do not dwell on the negative points. Focus on the most important thing in your life — and be sure to succeed. Personal life will be rich. Yang-Wood energy will give you the opportunity to explain your feelings. The Chinese Horoscope for Rooster today proposes to act confidently. Forget about the embarrassment, do not give your loved one a chance to slip away. Pay attention to your diet, try to eat on time. The Dragon hour strengthens the desire to look beautiful. A balanced diet will help bring weight back to normal; in addition, drink cleansing herbal decoctions. If you find it difficult to reach an agreement with yourself, seek support in others. Surround yourself with like-minded people, gratefully accept the opinions of others. According to the Chinese horoscope: do not take offense at excessive politeness.

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