Rooster Yesterday Chinese Horoscope

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Friday, May 14: It’s time to prove your integrity. The Dog day involves a responsible attitude to business: duty and honor above all else. If on Friday you show weakness and do not bring the matter to the end, serious trouble can not be avoided. Be persistent and decisive — your efforts will not be in vain. Be positive in your expectations. The Chinese horoscope for the Rooster for today does not see the reasons for quarrels. The energy of Yang-Water is so active and cheerful that you can cope with any troubles. Show interest in the affairs of the partner, keep up the courage. Cosmetic procedures with medicinal herbs will be of great benefit. The Snake hour is designed for large-scale projects and important tasks. Use hot oil wraps to maintain the beauty of your skin and hair. You can noticeably advance professionally if you show endurance. The Chinese horoscope instructs: acting carefully, you can achieve a lot; going ahead, and one thing is difficult to complete.

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