Rooster Yesterday Chinese Horoscope

Friday, May 20: Traditionally, the Rooster day promises joy, fun and loud entertainment. Nothing bad will happen if you leave work early on Friday. Try to communicate with people as much as possible. Immediacy, positive mood — your main trump cards. Probably your personal happiness is at stake. The Yin-Water elements are characterized by indecision, softness and pliability. You may be confused in your feelings. Chinese horoscope for Rooster today advises to protect their personal lives from the eyes of outsiders. Do not go on about other people’s desires. Save your energy if you want to avoid overwork. At the Rabbit hour, failure is perceived especially hard, you can lose confidence in yourself. Use meditation practices to replenish energy. A friendly attitude can greatly ease your position. If you do not want to be on the sidelines of life, learn to give in. The Chinese horoscope assures: make a concession to another — expand your path.

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