Snake Yesterday Chinese Horoscope

Tuesday, October 3: According to the Chinese calendar, the Horse day promises unforeseen events. On Tuesday, you can not wait for the most pleasant surprises, but do not dwell on the negative points. Focus on the most important thing in your life — and be sure to succeed. If you are looking for your ideal in love, have patience. Yang-Wood energy is responsible for personal growth and development abilities. Perhaps it will be difficult for you to find an equal partner. The Chinese horoscope for the Snake today does not promise the continuation of casual dating. The twentieth lunar day is favorable for spiritual development. The element of the Wood is associated with the liver, stagnation of bile prevents the free flow of body energy. To restore harmony, do meditation. Impulsive spending can hit my wallet hard. You will be able to cope with financial difficulties if you heed the advice of the Chinese horoscope: be careful when the bins are full. Do not make debts.

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