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Friday, May 14: Favorable time for advancement and social growth. The day, under the control of the Dog sign, promises the fulfillment of desires. But do not count only on luck. On Friday, you will have to make every effort to secure a prosperous future. If you value your relationship, fight for them to the last. The element of Yang-Water is so impulsive and unrestrained that you can overcome any circumstances. The Chinese horoscope for the Snake today promises quiet family happiness, but you have to work on relationships. Give up diet in strong favor of a balanced diet. The Rabbit hour determines the success of the whole day, always start the morning with a positive. To normalize digestion and improve metabolism, drink green smoothies. In pursuit of luck, do not forget to take care of your reputation. Do not rush to boast of controversial achievements, heed the advice of the Chinese horoscope: do not open the lid of the teapot, in which water does not boil.

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