Snake Yesterday Chinese Horoscope

Wednesday, October 5: According to the Chinese calendar, the Rabbit day is good for self-improvement, learning new things. On Wednesday, any information will be useful: read more, visit museums and exhibitions. Do not spare either time or energy to become a little better. Your relationship probably needs a shake. Yin-Metal element has to creative experiments. The Chinese horoscope for the Snake today promises an explosion of emotions and passion. Show your artistic talents, arrange a fabulous date for your loved one. Take care of your fitness. The Rooster hour awakens a thirst for activity, a desire to be in the thick of things. A gentle and effective method of dealing with excess weight is Pilates, daily jogging is no less useful. If you have difficulties at work, seek help from colleagues. The Chinese horoscope reminds: what the plow does not do, the harrow does. It is better to listen to an authoritative opinion than to amuse your vanity.

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