Snake Yesterday Chinese Horoscope

Friday, May 20: According to the ideas of the Chinese sages, the Rooster day protects purposeful people. If you firmly believe in your success, do not sit on Friday, idly. Do not be afraid to offer adventurous ideas, be bold and decisive. Act — luck is on your side. The soft, but at the same time unrestrained energy of Yin-Water can lead to some problems in family life. The Chinese horoscope for the Snake today offers to abandon draconic measures in the upbringing of children. Try to share the interests and interests of the child. Take care of your body, an exacerbation of chronic diseases is possible on the 20th lunar day. With Water Deficiency, kidney stones may form. To maintain balance, massage the points of the kidney meridian. Strive tirelessly for excellence, do not indulge yourself. The Chinese horoscope warns: and a beautiful flower fades. Without constant work on yourself, you will not be able to achieve high results.

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