Tiger Yesterday Chinese Horoscope

Saturday, October 1: Now public life is more important for you than personal interests. The Pig day disposes of good deeds and selfless deeds. Most likely, on Saturday, close and unfamiliar people will bother you with requests and requests. Try to reasonably distribute your forces. If your personal life only causes trouble, sort out your own feelings. Yin-Fire energy will help you analyze the situation. The Chinese horoscope for the Tiger today promises a harmonious relationship, but you have to work on yourself. Be sure to get enough sleep to preserve the beauty of your skin. The Tiger hour is designed to rest, the body must restore its resources. Herbal cosmetics will help to emphasize the freshness of the face. Do not get tired of learning new things if you want to be known as a thinking person. In moments of laziness and apathy, remember the instructions of the Chinese horoscope: the mind is as soft as cotton; stupidity is as hard as iron. Love the knowledge.

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