Tiger Yesterday Chinese Horoscope

Sunday, May 15: Spend a day in harmony with yourself. The day, under the control of the Dragon sign, does not tolerate conventions and strict rules. On Sunday, you do not have to limit yourself to desires: everything is for the benefit and necessarily for the better. Do not deprive yourself of freedom of choice, live in pleasure. If you are captured by romantic feelings, do not hesitate to confess. Yang-Earth energy will give a special weight to your words. The Chinese horoscope for the Tiger today promises a harmonious relationship, filled with mutual love and respect. To awaken the latent forces of the body, resort to aromatherapy. The Pig hour is meant for pleasure; nothing should be inconvenient. The aromas of lemon and eucalyptus will help you to quickly get into shape. If faced with injustice, a thirst for revenge boils in you, do not rush to act. The Chinese horoscope recalls: follow good — climb a mountain, follow evil — slide into the abyss.

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