Tiger Yesterday Chinese Horoscope

Saturday, February 4: It’s time to rethink the situation. Under the influence of the wise Snake that controls this day, you can see the true essence of things. Take time to think, devote Saturday to solving everyday problems. Get organized in the house, and at the same time in your thoughts. Probably, you will experience excitement due to unstable personal relationships. The energy of Yin-Water is so unpredictable that any outcome of the case is possible. The Chinese horoscope for the Tiger today advises not to lose hope, soon your personal life will improve. On the 14 lunar day, overeating is not recommended, avoid heavy and spicy food. With a weakening of the energy of the water, digestive disorders can occur. To maintain balance, practice Ustrasana. As for your professional activity, be more modest. You can consider yourself a good specialist and make mistakes. The Chinese horoscope warns: the selling fan is fanning himself with a hand.

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