Aquarius Today Horoscope

Thursday, January 27: The current date is the number 9 — this is the best time to take stock and plan. Therefore, the horoscope for today advises Aquarius to think a little about their lives, as clearly as possible to present the pictures of the future. Spend time with benefits: determine the right direction for yourself. In the waning crescent phase any cosmetic procedures are favorable. If you are not satisfied with the condition of the skin, for example, moles and warts bother you, immediately go to a beautician. Now you may face a serious dilemma: career growth or personal happiness. Most likely, under the influence of the moon in Sagittarius, you will be able to find harmony and combine business with pleasure. Fresh air and a change of scenery are needed by everyone, so invite parents to the cottage. Ask about their health, offer help in solving household problems. Now everything depends on you.

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