Aquarius Today Horoscope

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Saturday, September 18: The current date is the number 9 — this is the best time to take stock and plan. Therefore, the horoscope for today advises Aquarius to think a little about their lives, as clearly as possible to present the pictures of the future. Spend time with benefits: determine the right direction for yourself. During the waxing gibbous phase of the moon, health is improving, but the body needs support. Pay attention to your diet: food should be complete, balanced, but not excessive. The position of the moon in Aquarius contributes to harmony in relationships. Trust your loved one, respect his opinion, and even better, support in all endeavors. Otherwise, parting can not be avoided. Stars do not exclude the visit of unexpected guests. It depends only on you how warm and soulful the meeting will be. Even if you are not disposed to frank conversations, give a warm welcome.

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