Cancer Today Horoscope

Tuesday, May 30: The horoscope for today advises Cancers to prepare for any twists of fate. The number of day 3 promises unexpected events, so do not be surprised at everything that is happening, but just enjoy every moment. Do not overshadow your life with negative emotions, think only of the good. During the waxing gibbous, there is an active cell renewal and tissue repair. However, you should not plan for this time surgery, it is better to do more gentle treatment methods. The position of the Moon in Libra sharpens the receptivity to beauty, increases interest in everything connected with art. Spend time on your hobby, renovate your interior or visit the exhibition hall. Be prepared for the fact that life wants to test you for strength. There may be flashes of jealousy, provocations, violent manifestations of feelings. The way out is: think about changing the situation.

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