Gemini Today Horoscope

Sunday, June 4: The number of day 4 does not tolerate idleness, so tune in to productive work. The horoscope for today promises Gemini the implementation of all, even the most hopeless plans. However, properly dispose of their own, do not overdo it with the loads: everything is good in moderation. In the full moon, when all the processes in the body reach the highest limit, there may be problems with the cardiovascular system. Control your blood pressure and monitor your cholesterol levels. The horoscope promises free Gemini a lot of surprises: The moon in Sagittarius increases the craving for love adventures. If you intend to flirt and flirt recklessly, guaranteed to be in the center of attention. Most likely, you have to become an example and source of inspiration for your colleagues, relatives and friends. Do not resist the will of fate, do not skimp on the feelings and gifts — behave openly and naturally.

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