Gemini Today Horoscope

Wednesday, November 30: The number of day 3 indicates your relevance and popularity in the community. The horoscope for today promises Gemini attention and interest from the surrounding people. Do not be afraid to embellish your dignity and forget about the shortcomings: today you are the universal favorite. In the first quarter of the moon, the energy potential of the body is high enough to take up large-scale work. However, do not forget to follow the health: possible exacerbation of chronic diseases. Family Gemini can find an excellent use for their artistic abilities. The moon in Pisces increases the craving for creativity, please your loved ones, for example, arrange a theatrical performance. Sometimes it is useful to live one day, even if everyone says otherwise. Of course, you should not indulge in all serious things, but allow yourself to be a little hard, for example, play friends or buy an extravagant outfit.

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