Leo Today Horoscope

Thursday, September 21: The number of day 3 has to communicate: all eyes will be riveted only on you. The horoscope for today advises Leos to use their charm with maximum benefit. Flirt, flirt, do not hesitate to demonstrate your best side, and most importantly, do not pay attention to the envious. In the days after the new moon, a slight deterioration of health is possible: headaches, irritability. To stabilize the emotional state will help decoctions and infusions of valerian root. Leos in love have to make an important choice. The moon in Sagittarius increases the propensity for spontaneous actions, so the risk of spoiling relations because of the nonsense is large enough. Be prudent. It is possible that you can find an additional source of income. However, do not rush to leave the former place of work, you may be able to combine several activities.

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