Libra Today Horoscope

Saturday, November 26: The current date corresponds to the number 8, which indicates success in all spheres of life. Most likely, you will find a whole string of gifts and pleasant surprises. The horoscope for today promises Libra all sorts of material benefits: a long-awaited increase in salary, good purchases, winning the lottery. In the days after the new moon, digestive problems may occur. Your body needs a balanced diet, limit the use of alcohol, spicy and fatty foods. Now Libra must avoid emotional stress: the Moon in Capricorn enhances sluggishness, inhibition of consciousness. Therefore, refrain from innovations and experiments. Talk to your heart if you do not know how best to proceed. Perhaps fate gives you the right clues, it remains only to be able to recognize them. Sometimes it is worth paying attention to signs and omens.

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