Pisces Today Horoscope

Saturday, June 25: Pisces horoscope for today promises amazing discoveries and pleasant events. The energy of number 7 enhances intuition, helps to see what is hidden from prying eyes: new opportunities, impending dangers. Therefore, you are able to find a non-standard approach to solving long-standing problems. The waning crescent period of the moon is a time of emotional depression. Aromatherapy will help you to cope with nervousness: lavender and jasmine oil is an effective remedy to combat depression. Now Pisces should not have serious conflicts with children. The moon in Taurus makes people softer, kinder and more tolerant to each other, so you will be able to establish a warm trusting relationship with your child. Incredible luck will accompany you in matters related to real estate. If until recently you could not solve the housing problem, start looking for acceptable options for yourself.

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