Sagittarius Today Horoscope

Monday, January 24: The number of day 6 will help you in solving financial problems. The horoscope for today promises Sagittarius successful shopping and profitable investment. If you do not understand the mechanisms of the stock market, engage in earthly affairs, for example, go shopping in search of inexpensive, but high-quality things. During the waning gibbous phase of the moon, skin regeneration processes are activated. A good effect will give cleansing procedures for the skin at home, but it is better to make an appointment with a beautician. Under the influence of the Moon in Libra, the craving for all that is beautiful increases, the need for communication arises. If you have long planned to lead a child to a concert or a performance, try to do it. The best for you now is a feeling of confidence in the future. If you cannot boast a stable position, try to find a foothold and continue to work: the future is not certain.

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