Sagittarius Today Horoscope

Saturday, October 16: Sagittarius under the influence of the number 7 can be a bit harsh and inhospitable towards others. The horoscope for today advises you not to reject someone else’s help and advice. Of course, your ability to quickly grasp the essence of things is admirable, but sometimes it is useful to listen to another point of view. During the waxing gibbous moon, metabolic processes are accelerated, so the body needs a balanced diet. Include foods rich in vitamins and fiber in your diet. Family Sagittarius should listen more to the opinions of loved ones. The moon in Pisces increases sensitivity, the need for love and care, so do not hesitate to demonstrate your dependence on the family. Ahead of a surge of creative activity, if your profession is not connected with art and culture, take up a creative hobby. You need an emotional shake, do not be afraid to meet your dreams.

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