Sagittarius Today Horoscope

Monday, November 28: Energy number 1 contributes to the expansion of horizons, helps in learning everything new. Sagittarius horoscope today advises not to restrain their curiosity: a day is good for learning, accumulation of information. Attend a seminar or go to the museum, the main thing — do not sit at home. The waxing crescent period of the moon carries tremendous energy, it is important to be able to direct it in the right direction. Do not overstrain: the risk of exacerbation of cardiovascular diseases is high. Now Sagittarius can spoil relations with a loved one because of their own egoism. The moon in Aquarius increases the propensity to narcissism, so try to think rationally, do not overestimate yourself. Show ingenuity, do not go the usual way. If you are at a crossroads and do not know how to act correctly, be original: the main thing is to feel the excitement of life.

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