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Thursday, August 5: The current date corresponds to the number 5, symbolizing the changes, including in personal life. The horoscope for today advises Scorpios not to hesitate with a declaration of love — the day is ideal for romantic confessions. Most likely, you will be able to reach the heart of your partner. In the period of the waning crescent, there may be nervous breakdowns and sudden mood swings. Herbal teas will help to calm down quickly and bring the nerves in order; a warm bath with mint oil will give a good healing effect. Under the influence of the Moon in Cancer, people prone to mysticism can lose touch with reality. Drop all prejudices, try not to be led by your fears, do not exaggerate existing problems. Stars promise the efforts connected with arrival of guests. Probably, you will not have to rebuild your work schedule, do everything possible to make the guests satisfied.

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