Scorpio Today Horoscope

Tuesday, June 28: The current date corresponds to the number 1, symbolizing the beginning, the desire for everything new. The horoscope for today suggests Scorpios not to dwell on past mistakes. Try to forgive all offenders, stop making excessive demands on yourself and others — life will improve immediately. The waning crescent phase of the moon is favorable for the treatment of chronic diseases. The immune system reliably protects the body from infections, therefore the risk of recurrence of diseases is reduced. Scorpios can feel a slight sadness in past times: the Moon in Cancer increases nostalgia. If you feel lonely and wistful, get in touch with old friends, look through the photo album. Show interest in everything new, do not hesitate to apply the experience gained in practice. Even if there is no need for change, indulge your own pride — start looking for a new job.

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