Scorpio Today Horoscope

Friday, December 9: The horoscope for today offers Scorpios to relax a little: stop controlling every step. The energy of the number 9 is such that you feel the desire to withdraw from business and spend time with friends. However, consider the fact that on this day you should not touch on serious topics. In the waning gibbous phase of the moon, the body needs good nutrition. However, try not to overeat: food that is poorly digested, can accumulate in the body in the form of slags. Under the influence of the Moon in Cancer, people prone to mysticism can lose touch with reality. Drop all prejudices, try not to be led by your fears, do not exaggerate existing problems. Try not to miss the opportunity to improve relations with elderly relatives. In every way emphasize your interest in their affairs, be sensitive and caring — your efforts will not be in vain.

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