Scorpio Today Horoscope

Sunday, June 4: The number of day 4 indicates a reasonable and serious approach to life. The horoscope today offers Scorpios to reduce their business activity, and even better — to rest. Spend a day in a relaxed atmosphere, do not pursue quick success — this is not the most important thing in life. In the full moon, when all the processes in the body reach the highest limit, there may be problems with the cardiovascular system. Control your blood pressure and monitor your cholesterol levels. Now Scorpios are so open to everything new that they easily accept any changes. The moon in Sagittarius patronizes travel and study, do not miss the chance to get an unforgettable experience. Try not to share the details of your life with unfamiliar people. Your talkativeness in combination with all sorts of fantasies of others — an explosive mixture. Be extremely careful.

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