Scorpio Today Horoscope

Tuesday, November 30: The horoscope for today promises Scorpios an interesting day full of various events. Energy number 3 enhances the natural charm, attracts people’s attention. Especially this day is successful for love confessions: most likely, you will not hear a refusal. The period of the waning crescent is the renewal of the cells of the body, pain is more easily tolerated. Therefore, any procedures aimed at eliminating the effects of chronic injuries and fractures are useful. Now Scorpios are extremely reasonable and tolerant of others’ shortcomings. Under the influence of the Moon in Libra, you are able to show brilliant diplomatic skills that will help to build relationships with others. Show interest in everything new, do not hesitate to apply the experience gained in practice. Even if there is no need for change, indulge your own pride — start looking for a new job.

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