Taurus Today Horoscope

Thursday, December 8: The energy of the number 8 indicates success in professional activities. The horoscope for today advises Taurus to take action: it’s time to show yourself at work. Do not be afraid to experiment and offer bold ideas, most likely, the team will support you. During the full moon, the mind is too active, so there may be problems with sleep. Do not plan important things for the evening, do not overload your body with food and be sure to ventilate the room before going to bed. Family Taurus must be especially careful in their actions and statements. The moon in Gemini does not promise stability and harmony in your personal life, you can lose the trust of a loved one. It’s time to think about how you see your near future. It is unlikely that you will be able to avoid mistakes and troubles, but do not miss any opportunity to make your life better.

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