Taurus Today Horoscope

Monday, January 24: The number of day 6 brings peace and self-reliance. The horoscope for today calls on Taurus not to be torn to the first roles: a waiting position will bring much more benefit. Do not fuss, trying to prove to everyone that you are right, act in accordance with the circumstances. During the waning gibbous phase of the moon, skin regeneration processes are activated. A good effect will give cleansing procedures for the skin at home, but it is better to make an appointment with a beautician. Family Taurus should avoid open confrontation in relations with their half. The moon in Libra contributes to prudence, reconciles the warring parties, most likely, you will be able to resolve family conflict. Do not try to deceive fate, naively believing that you can avoid some events. Learn to defend your own interests, be honest and open — so you can wrap any situation in your favor.

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