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Thursday, August 5: The energy number 5 indicates a quick change of events, so this day is rich in all sorts of surprises and surprises, but more often pleasant. The horoscope for today does not promise Taurus any significant problems, most likely, things will go better than planned. In the period of the waning crescent, there may be nervous breakdowns and sudden mood swings. Herbal teas will help to calm down quickly and bring the nerves in order; a warm bath with mint oil will give a good healing effect. In the personal life of Taurus, serious changes can occur: the Moon in Cancer gives people suspiciousness and sensitivity. Refrain from abrupt actions, do not aggravate the situation with your whims. This is a convenient moment for changing the profession, if, of course, there is a need for radical changes. However, do not take quick, rash decisions, seek advice from colleagues and friends.

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