Virgo Today Horoscope

Thursday, September 21: The horoscope for today offers Virgos to improve relations with people around them. The influence of the number 3 will help you to achieve mutual understanding: be as frank as possible and do not skimp on compliments. Use all the possibilities for a pleasant communication, now much depends on you. In the waxing crescent phase of the moon, you may experience irritation and dissatisfaction with your life. Try to get rid of unnecessary experiences: focus on the pleasant moments, look for joy in the little things. Now the family Virgos will not be easy to build relationships with children: The moon in Sagittarius increases the propensity to rash actions. Chances are that children will test your patience for strength. Gather your strength and thoughts, think in which direction you would like to develop. Be active and relaxed, take the initiative in business — you will definitely achieve your plans.

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