Virgo Today Horoscope

Sunday, August 14: The horoscope for today recommends Virgos to submit to their intuition. Energy number 5 contributes to chaos and confusion in matters, so do not be surprised at everything happening around. Do not look for an answer on the surface, it will be better if you trust your inner voice. The waning gibbous phase of the moon is an emotionally favorable period. Try to keep this feeling of peace and tranquility for a long time: do not overwork, do not waste your energy in vain. Now Virgos should not indulge in sad reflections. The position of the Moon in Pisces enhances melancholy, so think up some fun activity that can unite both adults and children. Perhaps it is time to think about how you spend your leisure time. Now is a good time for revealing your own talents, do not dwell on one thing, show interest in everything new.

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