Druid Horoscope: Ash

Ash Dates: May 25 - June 3; November 22 - December 1

Traits of people born under Ash sign: intelligence, striving to synthesis, intuition, fantasy.

Compatible: Fir, Elm, Nutwood.

Uncompatible: Pine, Lime, Jasmine.

Liberty, independence in body, mind and soul. That is what all ash-tree-born are longing for. They are looking for the same qualities in others. They are completely unflappable, on the contrary - they are looking for change and challenge. If ash-tree-born are limited, or they are missing a challenge, they tend to act gruff and very critical. They are the ideal leaders and not very subservient.

The sign is rather egoistic, but it is not a miser. It is quite generous and can share everything it has. Being quite capricious by nature, this sign reveals totally different features in love. Thus, it happens to be circumspect, constant, and provident. Ash is rather successful in marriage making, as it is rather good at pro-and-coning and knows what to choose. Sometimes, these people’s love match happens to be a marriage of convenience, too. They very rarely make mistakes and do their best to organize their family life. They usually succeed.

Ash-tree-born are true discoverers. They like to be in a permanent state of progress. They have a lot of fantasy and enjoy even the small abilities in life, as there’s always something new to be discovered. There behaviour is always very tolerant at this. They loathe injustice and they offer a lot of space. They discover the world via their intellect.

The weakness of the ash tree shows openly, once you try to suppress their will for liberty. Then they’ll turn into fierce fighters. Their everlasting energy and thirst for knowledge would uncontrollably look for an outlet in case of obstacles, which could be seen as aggression and unnatural superficiality.

Ash Man

Ash-man is characterized by such qualities as insight and the ability to intuitively find solutions to any issues. Good psychic abilities often make men of this type a good predictor of the future. They do not always advertise it, but in the circle of the closest acquaintances and friends Ash is always enjoying authority and trust, when it comes to mysticism and questions of the future. Men of the Ash type not only successfully predict the course of events, but also try to influence fate. Often they manage to do it, and the surrounding people consider them daughters of fortune.

Ash Woman

Ash woman sometimes suffers from moody mood, moods and selfishness. Despite these seemingly negative qualities of nature, she is never alone. It is surrounded by close people and friends who highly appreciate Ash for their spiritual generosity, the ability to help and support in a difficult moment. Partners for marriage, too, do not have to complain. Ash Woman brings to the family not only love, but also does not cease to take care of the material well-being of family members.

Love and Family

Partner of the ash-tree-born have to be on a level with them. The ash tree is looking for exchange with its constant discoveries, and cannot tolerate limiting commitments. Their energy needs support and not hindrance. Whoever plans on spending an exciting life with an ash tree should follow the rules above.

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