Druid Horoscope: Beech

Beech Dates: Winter opposition - 21/22 December

Traits of people born under Beech sign: thoughtfulness, accuracy, talent for organization, realism.

Compatible: Oak, Elm, Maple, Hornbeam, Jasmine.

Uncompatible: Poplar, Lime, Nutwood & Birch.

Beech-tree-born are bursting with energy, self-confident and rather conservative. They are endowed with a natural dominance from birth on. They accept people with the same strength, but have difficulties with sensitive natures. Beech-tree-born take up a lot of space, they pay no heed to weaker persons, as they just don’t take notice of them. Their strong sense for tradition and for the conservative makes it difficult for them to deal with changes.

These people know what they want and no one can distract them. They manage to organize their lives. Sometimes they can be very generous, though normally they are prudent and budget their money wisely. They don’t like to share their property and try to use everything economically. The Beech is a decent creature that has many solid qualities. This sign always weighs all pros and cons and never leaves things to chance.They lack imagination in love. However, they are ideal for marriage life. They have a strong desire to have children, organize homes properly, and have a good vacation.

Beech-tree-born are real leaders, and they are not afraid to be in a leading position.There they act to the well-being of all, they stand in for noble goals, which they can always achieve and put through. Even under the most difficult circumstances can they create solid fundamentals, and pursue their tasks with determination and self-conscience.

Beech-tree-people are clear and lead by their intellect. Feelings and emotions which they can’t control, are mysterious to them and they feel that they can’t cope. With their distinct sense for tradition and their fear of changes, they run the risk of becoming stubborn and to exclude the opinion of others.

Beech Man

The Beech man is the real head of the family and the support of society. This is a hard worker, honest, respectable, conscientious. He is interested both in the result of his work and in paying for it, and he will not sell his efforts cheaply. He can be entrusted with the implementation of the most complex project, and he will find for this the most rational way and organizes employees so that everyone will work efficiently and be satisfied. To expect romantic gestures from him is useless. Beech is a true materialist, spiritual values for him are secondary. He represents the family with children, in a good house, full, elegant, and in a good summer resort. At the same time, this is a faithful, caring husband and a good father, rejoicing at the appearance of children. In adulthood, Beech may have a symptom of "demon in the rib", although not always. This fact is promoted by the fact that Beech men preserve their form for a long time and often seem younger than real age.

Beech Woman

The Beech woman is one of those who are removed to advertise miraculous anti-aging drugs. They are not characterized by shocking and light-mindedness, but they pay a lot of attention to their appearance to do everything in order to look irreproachable. At them it turns out — up to an old age such women are slender, fresh, elegant and moderately coquettish. They attract men. In the family, such a woman is an exemplary mother and mistress. In the house she always has the best, always the perfect order and everything is decorated with taste and a single plan. She gets happy children, they are always fed, clean and well-groomed. Special emotionality for such women is not peculiar, but their fidelity and practical sanity can always be relied upon.

Love and Family

Beech-tree-people are devoted and faithful when love is concerned. They admire deep affection and perseverance. In their relationship they want to be understood without many words. In love they discover their heart, which they normally don’t soften. The partner shouldn’t have a problem with the natural dominance of the beechtree, otherwise they could feel set back.

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