Druid Horoscope: Birch

Birch Dates: Summer opposition - June 24

Traits of people born under Birch sign: amenity of temper, synthesis, intuition, fantasy.

Compatible: Apple, Cypress, Willow, Jasmine, Olive.

Uncompatible: Beech, Elm, Cedar, Maple.

Birch-tree-born are positively thinking persons. Even an inhospitable climate cannot change that. Birch trees can generally grow everywhere, and give their surroundings a light and bright climate. As for their positive basic attitude even heavy strokes of faith can’t throw them off their tracks. This can possibly lead to strong annoyances by sullen others, as they cannot deal with so much light. Birch trees have to live with that.

People of this sing have a particular feature - intelligence. The power of their imagination and creativity has no limits. They use their creative power in their work. Having logical thinking skill and the ability to realize ideas in addition to working efficiency, they can be a success in many fields. Despite the fact that they can be engaged in any kind of activity, Birches achieve the greatest successes in the field of arts.

Birch-tree-born are not afraid of complicated and difficult jobs. They do them. They always find a solution and a practical possibility in difficult situations. They love the light, and they don’t suffer from false modesty. They are perfectly natural, disciplined, and their inborn charme makes them pleasant company.

Birch-tree-people have difficulties with overwhelming feelings. Emotions which they cannot control are mysterious to them. If these people shouldn’t feel understood in their qualities from their environment, they can react melancholic; and if their qualities in knowledge are not asked for or not acknowledged, the normally sunny disposition can turn into a cynic or know-it-all.

Birch Man

Such men can not stand noise and turmoil. They do not like the city, but they can adapt to it, if necessary. Most of all they need a quiet corner where they could rest and work. At the same time, they manage to work with excellence thanks to perseverance, resourcefulness and good mental abilities. Men-Birches used to rely primarily on themselves, but in helping others they never refuse. They are sufficiently educated and educated people; If they decide to enter the society, they turn out to be very pleasant interlocutors. At home, such men are somewhat absent-minded, but they are calm and completely conflict-free. They always prefer to give in — it’s easier for them than insisting on their own. They are undemanding — they need a quiet home and a person attached to them, sincerely attached to them, and this will fully satisfy them.

Birch Woman

Women-Birches can easily cope with any work, but most of all their subtle, dreamy nature suits the arts. Creative talent often allows them to achieve significant results in this field. These women are loved in society, and they are usually pleasant in the company, as moderately talkative, but not deprived by a sense of tact. But they themselves prefer silence and home comfort, so "entertainment" in the usual sense attracts them a little. Birches often fall in love with the invented image of the beautiful prince, and they seriously begin to look for his incarnation in life. The most interesting is that many of them succeed. Marriages from them are usually successful, with a touch of pastoral sentimentality, but without emotional explosions. They never provoke family quarrels themselves.

Love and Family

Birch trees are family people and absolutely faithful. With their strong dependence they sometimes don’t realize, when a relationship is over, and cling to it endlessly. They have to be led carefully towards boiling and wild feelings. They prefer faithfulness, reliability and deep affection.

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