Druid Horoscope: Cedar

Cedar Dates: February 9 - February 18; August 14 - August 23

Traits of people born under Cedar sign: impulsiveness, optimism, intelligence, ability to deduction.

Compatible: Oak, Elm, Maple, Jasmine.

Uncompatible: Willow, Lime, Hornbeam & Fig.

Cedar-people are real personalities who pursue really big aims, sometimes rather extreme. It’s either one or the other way for them. They are glaring and fantastic personalities, who are in full bloom in a warm climate. But if they get contact with rejection, their self-conscience goes down quickly, but they won’t show it. Cedars don’t know how to steer a middle course. You are either with them or against them.

These people are quite optimistic, which results in frequent careless acts both in business and private life. This sign is inclined to excesses. Even though this sign seems independent, it is quickly responsive to external influences. Directed by a skillful person, people of this sign may become not a free but a necessary agent. These people give their soul and body to the deed they choose. Therefore, there are many heroes and martyrs among people of this sign.

The strength of the cedar is definitely there extremely natural personality. They were just endowed with that from birth. Wherever they are, they are just in the centre of attention, without having to be in the limelight. They are pretty demanding, and usually have good taste. That’s why they are often to be found in art jobs, or at least as art connoisseurs.

Cedar-born have a tendency just to ignore others, if they are not in the centre of their field of interest. They can’t deal with criticism, as they don’t even know this expression; at least as far as their own person is concerned. If unbridled, their self-centeredness is not impressive but rather off-putting.

Cedar Man

Proud, straightforward and selfish individuals are ready to put everything on the line and even slightly more than what they already have. A representative of the stronger sex, born under this sign, often gets into ridiculous situations, from which one has to quickly get out. By nature, the man-Cedar is an optimist who is not ready to just take and drop his hands. For him, the most important thing is to prove to himself that he is worth something. Cedar is a determined man, he is used to winning the victim, hunting for it for weeks. Some women lose interest in such Cedars, but the only one that remains with him will not need anything.

Cedar Woman

The representative of the weaker sex, born under the sign of Cedar, is still an adventurer. She likes to solve complex problems and will not miss taking an active part in some interesting business. Such decisions are made very quickly, without any hesitation. Why lay out everything for a long time on the shelves. Such women are impulsive and impatient, they should struggle with their negative qualities. On a personal front, a real hurricane is always going on, which carries everything behind it. The Cedar Woman prefers a danger when adrenaline is released in the blood. This is how the plant, and I want to continue to play dangerous games.

Love and Family

Cedar-born are simply number one. NO DOUBT ABOUT THAT! Hence they love to get the according admiration from their partner. As they certainly can’t tolerate any rivals, a strong partner would surely be a challenge. But they actually need a partner,who likes to be pampered.

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