Druid Horoscope: Fig

Fig Dates: June 14 - June 23; December 12 - December 20

Traits of people born under Fig sign: impulsiveness, practical mind, observation, realism, talent of organization.

Compatible: Poplar, Willow, Jasmine.

Uncompatible: Oak, Maple, Nut.

Fig-tree-born are very emotional persons. Just like the trees they need a mild and modest climate. A rough environment wouldn’t give them any space to develop. Especially at a young age they need a lot of warmth and care, so they can open up mentally, and develop securities. Once they’ve found their centre, they’re imaginative and creative people, who can have an innovative effect on their surroundings by their thoughts and actions.

They are quite emotional and uncensorious. As a result, this costs them heartsease and life pleasures when they attempt to resist temptations. This sign is not constant (this is especially applicable to its mind), but it tries to carry out daily duties precisely. One can rely on such a person. These people work diligently, though, deep in the soul, they are lazy. These people are impulsive and full of kind intentions, but they fight their own weaknesses all their life. Fig is quite realistic, businesslike, and enterprising. These people are a real treasure for their relatives. They bring good "fruits". Plant this tree in your garden and give it good care - you will not regret.

Fig-tree-born are artists. They are sensitive, creative and have a great feeling for atmospheres, moods and changes. They hold the ability to differ between the fine mental perceptions of imagination, inspiration and intuition. Once these people have found a clear aim in life, their thinking, feeling and wanting is in fruitful harmony.

Fig-tree-persons are very sensitive. In the same way as they experience their emotional highs, they also sift through the painful depths of their soul. If these people don’t find a clear aim, they have a tendency towards a spiral of suffering. And Because they often are so sensitive, they show a hard shell to the outside to protect the softcore. They can easily be seen as mentally weak and unpredictable.

Fig Man

"Good intentions are lined with hell" — this is about them. The Fig man is by nature full of the desire to sow the sensible, eternal, and so on, but his enthusiasm for this is not always enough. It’s an honest and sincere bummer. However, if it comes to their own comfort and well-being, this lazy person can turn mountains and turns into a true worker. Such motivation can make people-Figs make a brilliant career and achieve in life simply unthinkable heights. They are good businessmen, but bad public sector workers at the rate. Such men are benevolent and have no superfluous claims. They can not be called romantic ones, but they do not intend to become a Shakespearean drama either. Although they know how to be commanders, they prefer not to do it in the family. They are pleasant in communication, they are loved in society, they always have many friends.

Fig Woman

The women of the Fig-tree sign are the real women. They are emotional, demanding enough, a little capricious. Such ladies love to be worshiped and cared for. They do not differ by special constancy, but they require it from others. At the same time, they are devoted relatives who always keep in touch with "their own", and faithful friends who treat men with tolerance and affection. She prefers not to stick out at home, and in any case not to insist on her leadership. Excessive romanticism is not needed by such a woman — she needs a warm home. The feats in their honor are of no use to them — enough of an official marriage. Such women believe that feeling is a guide to practical action, and not to groundless lofty chants.

Love and Family

Fig-tree-people need a clear and steady partner, who can participate in their mental depth, without falling into sympathy themselves. As soon as they’ve found such a person, and they trust someone, there’s nothing they can’t do as far as love is concerned. So creative.

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