Druid Horoscope: Jasmine

Jasmine Dates: May 1 - May 14; November 3 - November 11

Traits of people born under Jasmine sign: critical mind, intelligence, fantasy, intuition.

Compatible: Beech, Cypress, Cedar & Birch.

Uncompatible: Lime, Chestnut, Fig.

Jasmine-tree-persons are the eternal seekers between the worlds. They can sense the appearance in everything, and thereafter look for the reality. That makes them enter extraordinary worlds of thought. This ability makes them have an unconventional way of thinking, people who enrich the community with new and outstanding ideas. The permanent change in mentally unlimited heights can also make them feel disoriented in difficult situations. They need a helping hand here, which shows the jasmine tree the way to earth.

These people are quite prudent and their actions are full of cautious and far-sightedness. Jasmine, like no one else, understands what advantage diplomacy and harmonious relations with others can give. Unfortunately, these qualities do not often reveal at home. Jasmine sees home as a place, where it can satisfy its need for independence. These people do not like to feel compelled and do not like restrictions and obligations. On the other hand, they are men of duty. They know what to feel responsible means. However, this feeling doesnโ€™t excite them at all.

The strength of the jasmine tree is doubtlessly their creativity. Always searching for the truth, the art or the creative work is the best medium for them, to let their environment participate in their realisations. Their ability to think abstractly but also razor-sharp, and to develop unconventional results, makes them an enrichment for the community.

Jasmine-tree-persons cannot tolerate any authority besides them. Especially no know-it-alls. Only jasmine trees can think the way they do. And on the eternal quest for the sense in life and the truth, they can experience extreme highs and lows. Up one minute, down the next. Unsteady jasmine trees gloss their sensitivity over with aggression and sarcasm.

Jasmine Man

A Jasmine man is a very difficult partner for marriage. On the one hand, he knows how to achieve the position of women. He captures their attention with interesting conversations, compliments and cute surprises. On the other hand, Jasmine is very touchy and sensitive. Therefore, his second half should be extremely polite, tactful and prone to empathy. In addition, the man-Jasmine is quite free-loving and appreciates first of all the ability to remain an independent person. You can not pressure or impose your point of view on it. Understanding, caring and observing the right distance is what Jasmine needs in marriage.

Jasmine Woman

The Jasmine woman easily conquers the attention of others, and, as a rule, she has many admirers. In marriage, she maintains a good-natured atmosphere, love and a mutual sense of joy. No matter how gloomy her husband comes from work, the woman-Jasmine will always improve his mood and give him a charge of optimism and a sense of happiness. Of course, the theme of children for a woman of this type is very important. The more children โ€” the better. She takes care of both upbringing and intellectual development of the child, using the most modern educational and educational methods.

Love and Family

Jasmine-tree-people need a lot of people around them with a cheerful and humorous nature. Such people can get the jasmine tree out of their dark world of thoughts, and let them participate in life. If the jasmine tree is the introvert world, then the partner should be from the extrovert world. That brings a balance the jasmine tree needs. Then they are the most adventurous partners you can think of.

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