Druid Horoscope: Lime

Lime Dates: March 11 - March 20; September 13 - September 22

Traits of people born under Lime sign: sociability, observation, realism, talent for organization.

Compatible: Poplar, Rowan, Fig.

Uncompatible: Beech, Cedar, Nutwood, Jasmine & Chestnut.

Lime-people are selfless. They constantly care about others and their difficulties and affairs. They are great to look after someone and fantastic parents. As people of this tree are so sensitive and rather give than take, they are not so much predestined for social, but more for creative jobs. It is advisable to make clear to them at an early age already they have have to be economical with their energy.

People of this sign seem to be quiet even a little bit weak-willed, silent, and timid. They can be serene and pessimistic, too. Linden might have the feeling of boredom throughout its all life. This feeling is the sign’s enemy number one. The sign is not steady and is especially sensitive to flattery. It is full of contradictions, which make it hard to understand. On the other hand, it is very nice. It is so easy and pleasant in communication, which gives a feeling of psychological comfort.

The strength of the Lime is their sensitive and delicate character. With their open way they are good at responding to people, and they always raise a bit of hope in others. They always believe in and arouse the good things in people.

The weakness of the Lime is its softness. They don’t manage to get their way in difficult situations. They rather flee in their own inner world. Furthermore they run the risk, to get used by less sensitive people. Even their exact way of thinking can protect them.

Lime Man

A representative of the stronger sex, born under the sign of Lime, knows how to present himself beautifully. In companies, he always takes an observant position, and strive to learn as much as possible about each interlocutor. Women simply adore him, constantly show signs of attention and even invite them to date. Only now, Lime wants to choose the one and only person with whom he will be most comfortable. Such people extol comfort and can not always take themselves in hand and gather their thoughts. It is necessary to learn how to plan further actions and try at least two or three times a week to leave home after work. At your full disposal are all active and passive types of recreation.

Lime Woman

Beauty-Lime can charm at first sight. People are drawn to it, and are ready to do anything, just to please this person. Male attention is flattering, but you should always be extremely cautious. Do not collect fans, it is better to choose one candidate for the role of the future spouse and completely dissolve in it. Lime likes to be at the epicenter of all events, in order to always learn everything first about everything. But she does not like to attract attention to her person, it is better to stay away. With such a girl, you will always have something to talk about, she is smart and very communicative.

Love and Family

Charming representatives of this sign are very fond of. On the love front, Lime is always stable, such people prefer to choose one person’s companions and go through all difficulties with him. Jealous owners are about Lime-tree, who seek to control the movement of his second half. Try to give her freedom and the right to choose, then she just will not get away from you.

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