Druid Horoscope: Nut

Nut Dates: April 21 - April 30; October 24 - November 2

Traits of people born under Nut sign: decisiveness, observation, talent of organization.

Compatible: Poplar, Nutwood, Chestnut.

Uncompatible: Elm, Cypress, Rowan, Fig & Olive.

About people like Nut, people say that they are woven from contradictions. Often, he is characterized by aggressiveness, capriciousness, selfishness, complete unpredictability of behavior. Nut tries to make his manners thin and refined, tends to be stylish, but the reason for this can be covered in banal shyness and uncertainty. People of this sign often complicate the situation, but in general they can not be denied the ability to be excellent strategists. Nuts can give an objective and accurate assessment of their possible steps, are able to act very insidiously and do not feel remorse. Often, the speed with which they act, the surrounding simply amazing. Representatives of this sign always have many friends and enemies. In this case, Nuts are in the confidence that they can rely solely on their own strength. They hold themselves apart and independently and zealously defend their freedom.

He can be both loyal and faithful, and inconstant. It is never known how he will act in this or that case and how to handle it. In life, he can be a great strategist. He appreciates the consequences of his intentions, decides on very insidious actions, does not allow him to restrain himself with excessive remorse. Often subjugates the surrounding quickness of action. However, there are also silently Nut. He aspires that his life not be ordinary. He is not afraid of risk, does not seek to like, does not recognize compromises, does not walk the beaten paths. Nut tree has many friends, as well as many enemies.

Nut Man

For a Nut-man, it seems very difficult to live in a marriage, at least in early youth. They believe that all roads in front of them are open, and you should not limit your freedom by getting married early. However, over time, a man-Nut nevertheless ripens for a serious relationship. They no longer exaggerate their egocentrism, do not flaunt freedom and independence. It will be good if the wife of Nut will become his good friend, ready for concessions and compromises in his personal life. In any case, a joint life with Nut is full of surprises, both pleasant and unpleasant, and one must always be prepared for an unexpected turn of events.

Nut Woman

The Nut woman has an acute need for both love and friendship. Often, her actions on the love front are devoid of any logic. She can attract a person with the originality of her thinking, unusual behavior and an amazing sense of humor, but after a while, women of this type may lose interest in the subject of their love. It will be good if a woman walnut meet on its way a man who can become not only her partner, but also a good friend and like-minded person.

Love and Family

Careful, if you give a hazelnut tree reason to jealousy. Besides that, they are passionate people, who admire impressive and steady partners. But if their partner has a tendency towards mediocrity, they lose their interest in them pretty fast.

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