Druid Horoscope: Nutwood

Nutwood Dates: March 22 - March 31; September 24 - October 3

Traits of people born under Nutwood sign: synthesis, intuition, fantasy.

Compatible: Cedar, Nut, Ash & Hornbeam.

Uncompatible: Beech, Oak, Cypress & Lime.

People born under the sign of the Nutwood tree are soul-natures. Their orientation in the world is mostly lead by feelings and emotions. To be stable once they are grown-up, they should be spoken to with a clear language as a child already, when emotional matters are concerned. Every type of mental lie is unhealthy for the young souls. Nutwood-tree-born are looking for support in clear, small communities.

People of this sign want their life to be not an ordinary one. They don’t fear risks and don’t really try to show their good sides so that people like them. They do not recognize compromises and don’t use trivial ways to achieve their goals. This sign had many friends, but it has many enemies, too. People of this sign are used to relying on themselves only. Their privacy and independence are of vital importance for them. They are the people who should be noticed and considered.

The need for security of the Nutwood-tree-born makes them perform miracles, as far as creating a home is concerned. They always decide for the preserving and long lasting. They love everything material, that secures their existence; furthermore they have a strong sense for beauty, harmony, art and culture.

With their overriding need for security and their liking of continuity, Nutwood-tree-born can easily be seen as inflexible and stubborn. Despite their need for harmony, they can become real fighters which are hard to judge, once you disturb their security. Things that haven’t been tried and tested are easily seen as a threat.

Nutwood Man

Representatives of the stronger sex, born under this sign, literally grasp everything on the fly. They depend very much on the mood, which changes several times even within one day. Nutwood is not easy to like, he is very serious about choosing his second half. To win sympathy from this person is not so simple, but if you have achieved the set goal — become friends for ever. Be ready to go through his casting, to build a brick’s relationship.

Nutwood Woman

The Nutwood woman is ready to throw everything for the sake of her lover, and go, together with him to live in another city. She is an impulsive, sharp and extraordinarily caring beauty who can not always control her emotions. She has everything from the extreme to the extreme. With equal success, they can throw all their affairs to their own devices and rush into battle for the cherished goal. If a woman-Nutwood feels a sincere affection for someone, she will do everything possible and impossible in order to facilitate that life. The character of the representatives of this sign is very uneven, unstable, so with equal success they can be very tender, sweet and become a real torment for their second half.

Love and Family

Faithfulness... that is the character of the Nutwood-tree-born. They are very emotional, passionate and understanding, if the soul basis of both is clear and understandable. They’d do anything for the family and their closest friends. If the need for security of the Nutwood tree is satisfied, mental doors of unexpected dimensions will open to him/her.

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